Teddy the Trainee Guide Dog. Close up head shot of Teddy, Golden Retriver, wearing his brown training harness with yellow hi-viz Guide Dogs chest band. Looking slightly to the left of the shot


Hello. I would like to introduce myself: I am Teddy the trainee Guide Dog. I am a 2-year-old Golden Retriever.

I have been aboard this chuggyboat thing for a test ride. It was OK. I found a rather scrummy bone to munch. That was a great welcome!

I had already met this human pair called Tracey and Tim. It seems that Tracey is in need of my services as her lookers don’t look too well for her. Tim, it seems is the boss of the chuggyboat. I shall call them Ma and Pa when I move in.

I am currently living with some other lovely hoomans in their kennel, but, during light-times, I am off out and about with Jenna, my Guide Dogs teachy ladyhooman. We are working on some final bits of my training and I will be moving afloat in a couple of days or so.

That is when I have to start training Ma to trust me. I shall do my best to look after her and will also do my best to tell my tales.