Chugging along and working locks.

A lovely protrait shot of Teddy in harness. He is looking slightly to the left of centre and his golden fur is beautifully highlighted in the sunshine. Blurred trees in the background

Simply gorgeous!

This week has been mainly about chugging along and working locks. Daddy says we’ve chugged 32 smiles and Mummy and I have worked 60 locks. I think that counts as plenty of practice! The first set were familiar to me; I remember them from when I was a pupster! My PuppyDaddy is something called a Lock-Keeper there and I visited many times when I was diddy.Continue reading

Phew! What a week!

Before I tell you all about that, I need to make an announcement: Since woofing with my predecessor, I have established that Ma and Pa are really called Mummy and Daddy, or Mum and Dad for short. I think that sounds much nicer than Ma and Pa. So, from now on, Ma and Pa will be Mummy and Daddy to me too – after all – Oakley was a sort of brother dog!

Teddy lying on stern deck, looking backwards over his right shoulder toward camera. His ears are all fluffed up in the breeze

Fluffy lugs

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Church was fun today. Not only did I get to snooze using Ma’s backpaw as a pillow, but at the end, there was a whole load of poppings going on. It was all very exciting. The hehooman at the front was woofing about selly bray shuns or something, I got showered with coloured thin string things. I did try them to check out if they might be tasty but Ma seemed to think that was not a good idea. She said she didn’t want me pooping rainbows!

Ma wearing blue coat and hi viz yellow backpack striding down the pavement with Teddy guiding her. The road is on their RHS and grass in on their LHS. The shot is taken from a little way behind them

Workies on the pawment

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This morning’s workies took us to Aldi. That in itself is quite exciting, but, before we went into Aldi, we went into a seriously good shop. It smelled utterly delectable and mega exciting! I may have got just a tad ditsy outside the door, but Ma got me to ‘Sit’ for a moment to regather my senses. I just about managed it!…..but oooh those smells…..they were sooooo dragging me inside!

Ma with Teddy outside a butcher's shop. Teddy is in a sit postion, in harness, looking longingly inside at the door

Sit to regain decorum outside the butcher shop

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We may have had a fairly lazy couple of days, but I think we’ve made up for it today!

We all (me, Ma and Pa) set out this morning on a trip to Aldi. As we were going up the hill, I spotted a bus waiting at the bus stop, so I took Ma onto it. It seems that was not the plan! ‘Not today. We’re walking’. I tried a bit harder to get her on there….I was aiming for the empty seats….I could easily have guided her to one of them, but NOPE! I had to turn around and get off again! Not before I got some loves and admirations from the busdriver shehooman. The other hoomans in the seats on the bus all laughed and wanted me to stay on with them. Ma was a meanie though. ‘Nice try lazy bones but we are going for a walk!’ Boo! Continue reading

A mainly leisurely morning, with a visitor. A nice shehooman who brought something for Ma. I could sniff poochpals on her bag, but no poochpals were to be found! I had to content myself with presenting her with my paw and head for loves!

Next, I took Ma outside for a bit of practice at what she calls obedience. She really doesn’t get it! I tried very hard to make her obedient in following me to explore the area but she refused! In the end I just had to give up trying and do the ‘Sit. Down. Stay’ that she clearly thought was a better plan! While I was doing as she asked, she had the audacity to go fiddling about doing other things! She twiddled with something that was flapping about on the roof of chuggyboathome. I mean… rude! I did my bit….I stayed in my ‘down’ and she walked away and fliffed and flaffed with that! Apparently, I was a very good boy and got lots of fuss and praise when she finally brought her attention back to the correct subject!Continue reading