….aaaaaannnnnd relax!

Hi hoomanfans.

Teddy sitting facing sideways on to the camera with a big brown teddybear in his mouth

New Teddybear for Tedbear

Sorry I has been a bit absent lately. I has to tell you all though that I is gonna be even more absent from now on. This is my lastest ever dogblog. I is a new boy now – in a new home – with a new hoomanfamily – and I thinks I likes it!

I had some time back in that place the hoomans call Rugby. I lived with the trainerladyhooman and went out for walkieses with her; some with her at the daft end of the lead, and some with my harness on. It seems it didn’t go too well. It seems I is not cut out to be a guide dog afterall. I trieded my very bestest but I just got all stressed and upset and forgot what I was supposed to be doing. So, after a lot of weeks of trying, the Guide Dogs bosshoomans decided to redirect my talents. I went for a holiday at a Guide Dogs boarders home for a while where I could chill out a bit and forget about that working malarkey.

Now I is in my furever home. My new job is to be a Very Important Pet. I likes it here. I has a new family: Mummy Andi, Daddy Jon, a hoomanbrother Sam and two slightly smaller hoomanpuppies too.

Teddy lying on cream carpet beside MummyAndi who is sitting on the floor leaning against a biege sofa. Teddy has a white bone-chew between his front paws and a cuddly toy behind him on Andi's lap

Me and MummyAndi

Teddy lying on his side on cream carpet beside DaddyJon who is sitting in a brown leather armchair with his leg dangling over the arm above Teddy

Me and DaddyJon

Teddy lying on grass smiling at the camera with Humanbrother Sam sitting in a garden chair beside him.

Me and Hoomanbro Sam in the garden

My only job now is to be all soppy and laid back and loving. I can do that in abundance! I get to go for lovely long leisurely walkieses over something called The Gallops, which is apparently ‘up the Downs’ (hoomanspeak is sooooo daft!). I can’t say I do much galloping – well – that just isn’t me is it! Far too energetic! But I do get to do lots of lolloping about and sniffing and just being a dog! Yep! I likes doing all of that!

So, it seems I is a lad of leisure now. A very happy boy indeed! I is loved. I is well cared for. (Never get enough food though – they tell me that my idea of a good portion would be enough for a whole pack of Goldies! Mummmph!). I gets lots of loverly groomings and lots of long leisurely walkieses. I is enjoying being a Very Important Pet. I thinks I much prefer it to working for a living. I shall leave that to the dogs who do truly enjoy it and do it so well. Hopefully Mummy Tracey will get a new pawpartner very soon.

Teddy (golden retriever) lying on cream carpet, back legs wide apart, head on one side, fast asleep

It’s a tough life but someone has to do it




  1. Hi Teddy, if you go running on the Gallops, up on the Downs, I do hope that you are near Epsom. I have a retired Guide Dog and there are lots of Guide Dogs round here.

    Lorna x

  2. oh so glad you found a forever home , pity it couldnt have been with Tracey on her floaty boaty home , I am sure she misses you , but nice that you were able to visit her , I hope she soon gets a new guide dog she deserves one. So miss her tales of her adventures.

  3. So glad you are a Very Important Pet! I have a Very Important Pet too. She was going to be a therapy dog but it wasn’t her cup of tea, so to speak, so now she just makes me happy with her antics. Take care, Teddy. We’ll miss you but it’s okay because you’re where you need to be.

  4. You look very happy Teddy and I am sure you will have a long and happy life as a much loved pet. Jennie, Chris and Monty (another pampered pet!).

  5. Lovely happy ending for you, Teddy. I hope your Mummy Tracey gets someone to help her soon. xxx

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