….aaaaaannnnnd relax!

Hi hoomanfans.

Teddy sitting facing sideways on to the camera with a big brown teddybear in his mouth

New Teddybear for Tedbear

Sorry I has been a bit absent lately. I has to tell you all though that I is gonna be even more absent from now on. This is my lastest ever dogblog. I is a new boy now – in a new home – with a new hoomanfamily – and I thinks I likes it!

I had some time back in that place the hoomans call Rugby. I lived with the trainerladyhooman and went out for walkieses with her; some with her at the daft end of the lead, and some with my harness on. It seems it didn’t go too well. It seems I is not cut out to be a guide dog afterall. I trieded my very bestest but I just got all stressed and upset and forgot what I was supposed to be doing. So, after a lot of weeks of trying, the Guide Dogs bosshoomans decided to redirect my talents. I went for a holiday at a Guide Dogs boarders home for a while where I could chill out a bit and forget about that working malarkey.

Now I is in my furever home. My new job is to be a Very Important Pet. I likes it here. I has a new family: Mummy Andi, Daddy Jon, a hoomanbrother Sam and two slightly smaller hoomanpuppies too.

Teddy lying on cream carpet beside MummyAndi who is sitting on the floor leaning against a biege sofa. Teddy has a white bone-chew between his front paws and a cuddly toy behind him on Andi's lap

Me and MummyAndi

Teddy lying on his side on cream carpet beside DaddyJon who is sitting in a brown leather armchair with his leg dangling over the arm above Teddy

Me and DaddyJon

Teddy lying on grass smiling at the camera with Humanbrother Sam sitting in a garden chair beside him.

Me and Hoomanbro Sam in the garden

My only job now is to be all soppy and laid back and loving. I can do that in abundance! I get to go for lovely long leisurely walkieses over something called The Gallops, which is apparently ‘up the Downs’ (hoomanspeak is sooooo daft!). I can’t say I do much galloping – well – that just isn’t me is it! Far too energetic! But I do get to do lots of lolloping about and sniffing and just being a dog! Yep! I likes doing all of that!

So, it seems I is a lad of leisure now. A very happy boy indeed! I is loved. I is well cared for. (Never get enough food though – they tell me that my idea of a good portion would be enough for a whole pack of Goldies! Mummmph!). I gets lots of loverly groomings and lots of long leisurely walkieses. I is enjoying being a Very Important Pet. I thinks I much prefer it to working for a living. I shall leave that to the dogs who do truly enjoy it and do it so well. Hopefully Mummy Tracey will get a new pawpartner very soon.

Teddy (golden retriever) lying on cream carpet, back legs wide apart, head on one side, fast asleep

It’s a tough life but someone has to do it



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