This morning’s workies took us to Aldi. That in itself is quite exciting, but, before we went into Aldi, we went into a seriously good shop. It smelled utterly delectable and mega exciting! I may have got just a tad ditsy outside the door, but Ma got me to ‘Sit’ for a moment to regather my senses. I just about managed it!…..but oooh those smells…..they were sooooo dragging me inside!

Ma with Teddy outside a butcher's shop. Teddy is in a sit postion, in harness, looking longingly inside at the door

Sit to regain decorum outside the butcher shop

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We may have had a fairly lazy couple of days, but I think we’ve made up for it today!

We all (me, Ma and Pa) set out this morning on a trip to Aldi. As we were going up the hill, I spotted a bus waiting at the bus stop, so I took Ma onto it. It seems that was not the plan! ‘Not today. We’re walking’. I tried a bit harder to get her on there….I was aiming for the empty seats….I could easily have guided her to one of them, but NOPE! I had to turn around and get off again! Not before I got some loves and admirations from the busdriver shehooman. The other hoomans in the seats on the bus all laughed and wanted me to stay on with them. Ma was a meanie though. ‘Nice try lazy bones but we are going for a walk!’ Boo! Continue reading

A mainly leisurely morning, with a visitor. A nice shehooman who brought something for Ma. I could sniff poochpals on her bag, but no poochpals were to be found! I had to content myself with presenting her with my paw and head for loves!

Next, I took Ma outside for a bit of practice at what she calls obedience. She really doesn’t get it! I tried very hard to make her obedient in following me to explore the area but she refused! In the end I just had to give up trying and do the ‘Sit. Down. Stay’ that she clearly thought was a better plan! While I was doing as she asked, she had the audacity to go fiddling about doing other things! She twiddled with something that was flapping about on the roof of chuggyboathome. I mean… rude! I did my bit….I stayed in my ‘down’ and she walked away and fliffed and flaffed with that! Apparently, I was a very good boy and got lots of fuss and praise when she finally brought her attention back to the correct subject!Continue reading

I have rather liked today!

A bit or workies – just enough to get us to Swift Valley Nature Reserve and back again. In between was a fantabulicious FREERUN! Yaheywoohoowoopwoop!

Nothing much more to say really – just a couple of hours of running and sniffing and rolling (only on greenfloorfur – nothing more sinister!) and playing with a pal I found; a 14 year old puppy Staffie called Khan. I did stop to sample a slurp from the long giant puddle.

Teddy crouched down on his belly, head down, on earth and twigs, drinking from the clear water of the disused canal

Tasting Adam’s Ale

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This morning Ma and I went out for a workies. Apparently we were supposed to be going to the vet to get me registered (whatever that means). We set off and all was going well. I tried to protest briefly that we were going the wrong way but Ma just got me to ‘sit’ and she ignored me for a few moments. Then, all of a sudden, she picked up my harness handle again and, before I had chance to protest any further, we were on our way and I was getting ‘huppup’ and ‘yessss….good boy…..let’s go’, so on we went. I don’t know what all the fuss was about!Continue reading