I’ve arrived! I have moved in to my new chuggyboat home. I think I like it……

Golden Retriever sitting with 'Ma' kneeling beside him. They are both beside the bow of the narrowboat, which has a silver-grey cratch cover (this is a canvas cover over the bow deck with clear plastic windows in the sides and front). Arnold the giant yellow bath duck is sitting on the top of the very front of the boat

Me with Ma beside chuggyboat home

It had a ready installation of new toys – on my new cosy bed under the table. I brought some of my own favourite toys with me but I found a squishy smileyface, a squishy burger, a pink fluffy squishy oinkypiggy and a squishy caterpillar. I super like the squishy caterpillar – it makes a good pillow and it waggles about when I carry it around! I also found a yummy munchybone; not like the huge bone that was here when I came to visit before – that seems to have disappeared. How miffing! Nemind though. I like this smokey one. It has my gnasher marks on it so it’s mine now. All mine!Continue reading

I’m told I should have only had one more dark-time until beginning to train Ma to let me look after her. However, I have had a message to say that there will likely be a couple of extra dark-times yet before we can begin. This is because the water has gone all hard and has trapped chuggyboat and won’t let it chug along. So I am continuing to practice all my moves here in Rugby with my Guide Dogs TeacherHooman – officially known as Guide Dogs Mobility Instructor (GDMI).Continue reading