Day 1 – Arrival Day

I’ve arrived! I have moved in to my new chuggyboat home. I think I like it……

Golden Retriever sitting with 'Ma' kneeling beside him. They are both beside the bow of the narrowboat, which has a silver-grey cratch cover (this is a canvas cover over the bow deck with clear plastic windows in the sides and front). Arnold the giant yellow bath duck is sitting on the top of the very front of the boat

Me with Ma beside chuggyboat home

It had a ready installation of new toys – on my new cosy bed under the table. I brought some of my own favourite toys with me but I found a squishy smileyface, a squishy burger, a pink fluffy squishy oinkypiggy and a squishy caterpillar. I super like the squishy caterpillar – it makes a good pillow and it waggles about when I carry it around! I also found a yummy munchybone; not like the huge bone that was here when I came to visit before – that seems to have disappeared. How miffing! Nemind though. I like this smokey one. It has my gnasher marks on it so it’s mine now. All mine!

Earlier, I got to ride in the vroomer with the Guide Dogs Teachy Hooman. We stopped in a place with green all around but she walked off and left me in the vroomer! She came back a short while later with Ma and Pa.

Teddy inside cage in GDMI car, greeting Ma with a paw up and a kiss on the fingers

First greetings from inside the vroomer cage

Teddy sitting on grass with head held high. 'Ma' is standing beside him beding down making a fuss of him

First greetings after getting out of vroomer cage

I got out to meet and greet and then, instead of having to go back into the cage in the back, I got to sit in the front between Ma’s back paws. I leaned my head on something and it made hooman woofings come from somewhere inside the walls of the vroomer. she pressed the thing again and stopped it though.

We went vroom to some familiar streets and, when we got out,  I got to wear my brand new super smart white Guide Dog harness. I got to take Ma on her first lesson. I have a lot to teach her but it was a good first walk. I think GDMI is going to help me with the lessons. Phew! I think it all went well though; I got lots of ‘Good boy’ and ‘Good work’ and ‘Nice Teddy’! I like to hear all of those! When we got back into the vroomer again, I managed to press that button again! Snigger!

When we got back to chuggyboat, I had to have some lessons in manners for getting on and off. It seems I have to sit before each stage and wait to be told when to ‘hop on’ or ‘hop off’. I think I will learn. It is all very very new and different!

I’ve had my first dindins afloat. I think I can cope with this idea!

I’ve just watched Pa do something fascinating: He got down on his knees and opened a little door on a black cupboard. Inside it had bright red blobs and was really hot. He got a strange stick with a flat end, and he used it to scoop up some black blobs and put them inside the hot cupboard. How peculiar! I let him know I was watching by giving him a good boof on the bum with my paw! That made both Ma and Pa chuckle!

Teddy lying semi-curled up on stripey rug, with his head on a multicoloured cuddly caterpillar toy, which is approx 1 metre long, iwth round body sections in red, sky blue and lime green. Also lying beside his head is a reddish brown coloured smoky shank bone

Caterpillar Pillow with added munchybone on the side

Teddy lying on stripy rug, with his head resting on Ma's knee. He is lying against her right jeans-clad thigh. She is wearing a grooming mit on her right hand and is using it to groom/stroke Teddy's neck. The grooming mitt has bead-topped wire bristles.

Fur-fluffing loves

I’ve spent some time on my new bed. It is cozy and safe under the table and the bed is lovely and snuggly. I like it! I’ve also spent some time on the rug beside Ma. She sat down with me and we had some loves. I do like to be snuggled next to my cuddly hooman! Ma put a kind of spiky paw-cover thing on her front paw and it made a super massage-fuss! I really liked that and now my fur seems to be extra silky and floaty-flaggy!

Teddy lying on his right side filling almost the whole of the grey stripey rug beside the sofa. He is looking back over his shoulder with his front left paw tucked up

Trying out the stripey rug


  1. Hi Teddy, Andrea here. You don’t know me, I am Myra’s friend, she is a GD puppy walker and she introduced me to GDs. She knew Oakley who looked after your Ma. Oakley was once sick all over Myra’s carpet when he was small and poorly – but please don’t remind him if you meet him. Oakley is retired now and you have very big paws to fill. You’ll do a great job, GDs have more sense than lots of hoomans, i am so full of admiration what you are doing. You’ll be such a loved companion with a life full of cuddles and yummies and ear- and belly rubs.

  2. Teddy, I think you are going to love living on the boat and all the adventures you will have. Tracey I pray that you and Teddy bond and qualify soon. All the best. I love your writing. Xx

  3. Welcome Teddy, I’m looking forward to reading all your stories. Oakley kept so many people amused with tales of his antics through the day & he is very much missed but I’m sure you will soon be filling the space with tales of your own exploits which I’m very much looking forward to reading. Enjoy your new life with ma & pa. xx

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