Day 10 – A good day

It all started with GDMI coming aboard chuggyboathome. I had to go ‘on yer bed, Ted’ while she came in the door! This is a new move! It seems, I am not to go greeting visitors with full enthusiasm at the door. I am to stay on my bed until they are inside and then greet calmly and politely. Not sure how I feel about this…….

Anyway, GDMI and Ma & Pa did oooooodles of hoomanwoofing while I sat and got loves and ear-rubs. It seems that Ma had a ‘bit of a wobble’ after yesterday. I did catch her with drippy lookers, so maybe that was something to do with it. It seems that my top speed is a tad too wizzy for Ma and she was struggling to cope with it.

Teddy and Ma walking up a slope toward the busy road, with GDMI Jenna close behind

Setting off to the road

Teddy guiding Ma through a narrow gap between parked cars and wheeliebins

Binday hard work

Ma and Jenna sitting on the concrete steps outside Rugby Elim Church, with Teddy lying down at Ma's feet, taking a power nap

Power zzzz outside church

So, after all this hoomanwoofing, we  all set off out on a workies and we didn’t trot quite so fast as before. I liked it! It was happier for Ma and so happier for me too! I did have to do a few double checks behind me. It seemsed a bit strange to have Pa following us with GDMI too. We went on a slightly different route to Tesco – one that avoided the nasty steep slippy slope that Ma was a bit frightened going down. It also avoided the twitten where I had lots of snaffling temptations. Instead we went further along the noisy road, with lots of vroomers and growlywheels coming past us. Despite this, it was actually a much better route and GDMI seemed pleased with us.

We then carried on through the other end of the long twitten and on through lots of streets to that place called Church where we went on Sunday. Today, we didn’t go it – the doors were shut, but we did to in the gate. Ma and GDMI sitted on the steps for a rest and I took full advantage of the opportunity for a power zzzzz! On the way both there and back again, which was a different route, I had to work my paws off guiding Ma around many many many of those binday wheeliebox things. They were dotted all along the pawment and made me work hard to steer Ma around them though some rather narrow gaps. In several places, the gap was just oo narrow and so I had to take her offkerb to get around them. We did good though! I don’t think she bumped her front legs on even one of them!

The return route got us back a different way to chuggyboathome and we had a bit of a rest. Well….actually, I’m not sure what Ma and Pa did – it seems I may have drifted off to dreamland for the duration! Then GDMI came back again and we set off on another route. This was one that Ma has never been before. It took us to some streets very familiar to me, leading to Aldishop. Inside there,  GDMI left us alone to do the shopping that Ma and Pa wanted. This seemed a bit strange, but we did OK. I managed to clean up one tiny littering on the floor – there was yummy little bit of carrot that I simply couldn’t leave to trip anyone up! Shhhh! Don’t tell!

Teddy and Ma looking at each other in the aisle of Aldi

In Aldi

Shopping done, I did a ‘find the checkout’ and we found GDMI again on the other side, then set off for the return journey. When we got back to chuggyboathome, Pa disappeared aboard with the shopping trundler, GDMI disappeared to her vroomer and I just had to wait outside with Ma. I thought this was a bit odd, but I managed to make use of the time for a quick power zzzz on the green floor fur.

Then Pa reappeared and we went and got into GDMI’s vroomer. I got to kanoodle with Lilly in the back! Then the bestest thing happened: we went for a short vroom and found ourselves at a freerunnery! Yippppeeeeee!!!!! After a very short walk through a gate, then the usual essential formalities of a ‘Sit. Down. Upsit’….Munchie…. lead off and …..’3..2..1…Go Play!!’, Lilly and I zooomed off and had a fabuful time romping around just taking full advantage of the chance to be doggies! We even managed to get a little bit stinkymuddy too – Lilly likes that far more than I do but I did recolour my paws and belly!

Back home again, there was more hoomanwoofing and GDMI had a funny little twig that made marks on a floppy oblongsheet. Apparently, this was our progress report and it was all really good. It seems that Ma is learning well and I am teaching her good! GDMI is smiley about us. So much so, that we are now free to do all of today’s routes and the freerun without her. It seems this is super good news!



  1. Thank you for the little film today Teddy, it’s really interesting to learn about your workies and see you playing with Lily. You are both doing so well.

  2. I was delighted to see today’s film as I still cannot see any of the photos, so at last I now know what a handsome young chap Teddy is. Like Debbie, I am finding watching the training absolutely fascinating. Jennie

  3. So loved the video of your training. I think you’re both Stars!!!
    What great achievements in such a short time.
    Teddy is a very handsome boy!
    Very cuddlesome!! If that word exists 🤣xx

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