Day 11 – TurboTed Chillaxing

A day off! Well…almost. A day off from GDMI training anyway.

I did have to take Ma workies to Tesco and back – Twice! The first time, it was just the two of us and we went to that bit where all the hoomancoverings are. I had to do a ‘Sit. Down. Stay’ while Ma faffed through the hangings. I have no idea why she didn’t just take the one at the front! I watched and she went almost to the very back, but what she pulled out was exactly the same as the first one! Duh! Oh, well.. it was a lie down for me! I then took her for a bit of a wander around the rest of the shelves and then did a ‘Find the checkout’. Checkout finded! Another chance for a quick lie down! That was very rudely interrupted though by a shehooman pushing her wheeliecage onto my botty! How very rude! I got out of the way quick!

Teddy lying down on his side with his head curled round toward his tail. Ma is using a rake to groom the back of his neck

Grooming time

Ma had been pleased with me for our workies to get there. She called me TurboTed! I got her there in record time and with not even one ‘No’ or other reminder to do my job. On the way back though, there was a problem: On the ground near the ‘Find right’ there was an utterly irresistible munchie that pulled me very hard toward it! Meanie Ma didn’t quite let me get all the way to it though. Boo! I’m sure if my tongue was maybe just a toothlength longer, I could’ve got it! Nemind! We set off away from it and TurboTed kicked in again.

Back aboard chuggyboathome, it was time to get a luverly grooming session from Ma. She does seem to like to keep my fluffyflag flying nicely! Grooming is pretty nice too – it is that thing where she comes at me with the fur-rake and I sit down, then lie down, so she can only get to one side at a time! That way, I get another go later when I roll over!

Teddy lying on his back on grey fluffy rug, with his left front paw stretched out full length above his head. He has his right front paw wrapped over his eyes and his tongue sticking out a tiny bit. His cuddly caterpillar toy is lying around beside him and under his head

Chillaxing on the rug

Apart from a return trip to Tesco to take the hoomancovers back again, the rest of the day has been all about chillaxing. I’m the king of chillaxing! I am very good at it!

Pa came with us on this return trip. It seems he is even better at going to the back of the hangings and finding the one with the right tag on it or something. It seems that the ones Ma got earlier didn’t fit. So, once again, I had to do another ‘Sit. Down. Stay’. Oh well….it is a variation on chillaxing I suppose!

Teddy lying down, in harness, on the wooden floor in Tesco, with his yellow lead lying beside him.

Down Stay in Tesco

On the way out again, I was drawn inextricably to that munchie again. Pa grassed me up though; his lookers spotted it and he woofed to Ma that it was a chikkinbone. Once again, my mouth didn’t get quite close enough so that litter is still lying there making the place look untidy!

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  1. TurboTed must take after his dad because the only time Maisie moo moves that quick is if there’s food, squirrels or off lead playing involved.

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