Day 12 – New hooman friends, long workieses and hoomanhowling

Teddy sitting on tarmac path with grass either side, wearing his white harness, with, from left to right, Ma, Lindsay and Tim standing behind him

New Hoomanfriends Tim & Lindsay

Visitors! First thing in the morning! Yippeee! I was happily chilling on the rug, and Ma disturbed me and got me ‘On yer bed, Ted’ under the table. I thought that was a tad odd, but obliged, but then chuggyboat did a rockyrolly and I heard we had visitors at the door! I tried to shove my way past Ma to go greet, but she wouldn’t let me! She woofed something about ‘Stay. You need to learn manners for visitors’. Anyway, after just a few moments of the agony of waiting, I was allowed out to greet. It seems these hoomans are special friends of Ma & Pa’s and they are known as Tim and Lindsay. They are very nice hoomans…..they are clearly doggy-doters! I like doggy-doters! Good loves come from doggy-doters! So, today, I’ve had good loves all day! Heehee!

I’ve had to workies pretty hard too though! I’ve had to guide Ma but with Pa and Tim and Lindsay trailing along behind us.We went the route to church again and, on the way, Ma and I ended up striding way ahead of everyone else! We had to stop and wait for them to catch us up a few times. On the way, there was a delectable array of potential munchies on the floor. One street in particular was mouthwatering paradise! Sadly though I only succeeded in actually fully enjoying the spoils of one of my many attempts to rid the pawment of the menace of food. Ma said that a huge pile of samosas was just too much to avoid completely. The other attempts were rudely interrupted by a hoomanpaw around my shnozzle, a forced opening of my mouth and theft of my booty! The meanest theft was the big stinky and utterly delicious thing that Tim called a salami skin. And I though he was my friend! BooBooBoo!

Teddy stretched out on his right side on grey carpet with a large white bowl of water in front of him

Snoozing through the hoomanhowling

Nemind! We got to church all dry this time and we stayed downstairs for all the hoomanhowling and hoomanbarking time. I got to enjoy a lovely stretch out zzzzz on the carpet and I was served a luvverly big bowl of slurp by a nice shehooman! After that and a bit of admiration in a different room afterwards, where the hoomans had their little bowls of hot slurps, we set off on the return journey – except that is not the same was as we came. It was via the yummystreet, but Ma didn’t even give me a snippet of a chance to snaffle anything going that way! She was between me and the samosas and she was far too bossy to allow me to ‘guide’ her over far enough! Nemind! The rest of the workies was good and happy and I got lots of ‘Good boy’ yips from her along the way. I even got to ‘Find the button’ at the crossings. I do like to find the button. Those buttons dispense munchies via Ma’s frontpaw!

When we got back to chuggyboathome, we didn’t get aboard, instead, Ma sat on the stickseat outside for a few moments and I had a brief liedown on the greenfloorfluff, while the others caught up with us. Then we set off again – continuing ‘straight on’ through the park, and then onto the route to Aldi. Except we didn’t go to Aldi! We went a bit past Aldi, despite my bestest efforts to guide Mum in there! She just insisted on ‘Not today. Straight on’! How exciting! It wasn’t megamuch further straight on, but it smelled increasingly good as we went! Our destination was a hoomanmunchiesplace. Actually, that bit of workies was a bit challenging because there was a couple of roads to take Ma across that were tricky; they had big wide curvy kerbs where I would normally indent to take her to a narrow place to cross. That was fine, except that there was nowhere the other side to cross to – there was hedge in the way and no pawment, so I had to take her slantwise across to the wide bit. Then we ran out of pawment altogether and so had to go across a vroomerkennel area. Pa went ahead of us to be safe and I just did as Ma asked and did a ‘Teddy Follow’. It worked good! We arrived safely to ‘Find the door’.

I had ages to take advantage of the nice big space under the table to stretch out and snooze – with a good variety of hoomanbackpaws to rest my head on! Then it was workies all the way back again.

Teddy curled up on red stripey carpet under a very large table at Brewers Fayre restaurant

Snoozing under the table

Ma says that we have covered some six and a bit smiles today. Our first proper big day of workies on our own, without GDMI at our heels! I think we did alright – but I think Ma is a little less sure about the attempted street cleaning bits!

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