Day 13 – Doors, steps and purryfurry

Jenna vroomed us off to Guide Dog School today, in the place the hoomans call Lemmington Spar. I had a lie down while the hehooman Michael (Dog Care and Welfare Advisor) woofed all my deepest secrets about my past to Ma and Pa. It seems I am safe! No awful secrets to reveal. It seems I have something called a completely clean health record. Ma and Pa now know I have 36.6 keelos, whatever they are and that I have to go the the vet in March.

After all that hoomanwoofing, we set off out of the room and went to explore the corridors. I had to do lots of practice of how to go through doors with Ma, and how to go up and down steps. Each time we came to a door, I had to do a ‘sit. wait’, then Ma opened the door (sometimes toward me, sometimes away, sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right – we worked all possibilities!). Then she went through the door and kept it open for me, gave me the ‘Come’ command, followed by ‘Heel’. That’s where I come through the door and turn around to be by Ma’s left side again.

On the stairs, going up, I have to do a ‘Step stand’ on the bottom step. That’s where I put my front paws up and then stop. Then ‘Wait’ while Ma drags her pawtip up the step to work out how high it is, then, once she has her paw on the step, we both go ‘Forward’ up the rest of them. To come down stairs, I simply stop and sit at the top step and wait for Ma to feel with her back paw, then put it down one step, then, when she tells me to ‘forward. Steady’ we go down together. When we get to the bottom, she can feel through my harness that I have levelled off and so she knows when to stop stepping downward.

The black and white cat that is resident at Guide Dogs Lemington kennels

Kennel Resident Purryfurry

After a bit of practice at all of this, we went outside and practiced again on the outside steps. We were greeted there by the kennel resident purryfurry. I like that purryfurry and I really wanted to go play but I had to concentrate on my job instead. I got Ma safely down those steps and then we got to have a go at the Obstacle Course.

Teddy sitting on grey tarmac, on harness, with Ma standing beside him. The obstacle course of orange builders' barriers is behind them

About to tackle the obstacle course

This is where there is a length of pawment set out with barriers that create something the hoomans call a chicane. My job is to guide Ma to and fro, left and right without touching anything. A doddle! No problem, even with the added distraction of the purryfurry!

I then got to go use the doggy necessarium before we got back into the vroomer. The purryfurry came to say goodbye, and that made Ma very smiley! Apparently she is a bit fond of purries!

Next came a bit of workies around the town. All very familiar territory to me, but new to Ma. I got to strut my stuff guiding her around the streets, across roads and crossings, and through an indoor shoppyplace (including a visit to a hooman necessarium). I got a bit of a liedown under a table while they munched lunch and, when we left that munchery, we got all soggy! It was horrid! I hate sploshies!

Back at chuggyboathome, I got a rubbadub from Ma before settling down on the rug for a good snooze. I watched Pa feed black blobs into the little black box in the corner. A while later those black blobs turned red and it was all cozy warm!

This afternoon, I got to take Ma to Tesco for a little outing. It was a very important outing. It was a disaster aversion outing. Ma had run out of doggytreats! That would be just terrible! It was a good outing. Ma was really smiley because she didn’t have to tell me any ‘No’ commands – just lots of ‘Good boy’, ‘Good work’, and ‘Yesss’ yippings! I do rather like hearing those! And I’m sure I’m going to very like the munchies we got. Ma says I have to work for them though…….

Teddy sitting on grey fluffy rug with a selection of dog treats on the floor in front of him

Me and my munchies selection


  1. What a star, Teddy! You’re doing a great job and learning very fast. Ma looks very happy as you lead the way for her.
    💤 well tonight and have a great day tomorrow. xx

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