Day 14 – Choochoos and Big Bully

What a smiley day!

Teddy being groomed while sitting on grass with a wooden bench table behind

Fur Fluffing session

It all started with a very leisurely time of snuggles with Ma. She was trying to put her pawpads on but I took full advantage of the opportunity for a big snugglycuddle! Then we went outside and just sat watching the world go by. That was really nice! I just curled up by Ma’s backpaws and enjoyed the loves while watching the hoomans go by and the flappytoys landing and flapping off. I think Ma was harking to them all too! Then Ma led me over to a stickseat, tied my lead to it, and then gave me a super furfluffing session! I think I looked rather splendid when GDMI arrived!

On the train; Ma sitting on green seat with Teddy lying at her feet, with his back toward her. She is tickling him under the chin and he has his head lifted up looking at her

I wuv yoo Ma!

Then began the serious work of the day: A workies to the choochoo station with my girlfiend Lilly for good company (she was guiding GDMI while I guided Ma). At the station, I had to guide Ma to ‘find the door’ when the choochoo arrived, then I had to do a ‘sit’ in front of the door while Ma found the pole to hold on to, then she asked me to ‘On you get’ then ‘wait’ and she followed me on. Then I had to ‘wait’ while she removed my harness and we went to find a seat. Lilly had to do the same for GDMI. We found a good seat where Lilly and I got a bit of space to lie down together and get in a bit of kanoodling (not a lot – we had to behave like professionals!). I also got some more nice loves from Ma.

When the choochoo stopped, we were in that big crazy place called Brumingham. Then the work REALLY began! We set off to explore! There were oooooodles of steps to practice on: Stop and sit at the top step, then Ma feels with her backpaw down to the first step, then gives me the ‘Forward’ command, and down we go to the next set……over and over again. On the upsteps: ‘Stepstand’ on the bottom one, then Ma feels her backpaw onto that step, then ‘Forward’ and up we go to the next set….over and over again…… We went to the greenfloorfur area outside a big pointy building where Lilly and I both had to ‘Busy’ to water the green stuff, then I had to take Ma upsteps to do a ‘sit’ while GDMI pointed Ma’s talkybone at us, in front of the doors of the big pointy building.

Ma & Teddy on the steps in front of the big wooden doors of the cathedral in central Birmingham

Posing in by the big pointy building

We then went off for lots of practice at finding kerbs and boxes-at-bleepy-crossings and lefts and rights and straight-ons. Ma seemed to be on the alert for my every twitch and so I didn’t get to do any street cleaning, but it seems this is deemed super good! Actually, I did rather like all the ‘Good boy’ and ‘Yess’ and ‘Nice work’ yippings!

Ma and Teddy posing in front of the life-size brass bull outside Burmingham's Bullring shopping centre

Bully the brass bull

We explored quite a lot of the city centre. I had to take Ma up to a big beastie called the Bullring Bully. He didn’t move. He was quite safe! Then into and around a big indoor shoppy place, out of there and through lots more streets, then into another indoor shoppyplace. This one was different though; apparently it is called the Rag Market. It was all very exciting and very busy. I had to work pretty hard guiding Ma through all the hoomans and selling places. We found the bestest ever selling place though! It was all full of all sorts of doggystuff!

Ma and Teddy posing in front of the huge pet supplies stall in Birmignham's Rag Market. Behind them is an enormous array of dog chews and treats

The bestest stall in the market

Ooooooh! If only I could have been let loose to check it all out closely…..There were so many scrummy munchies there! Ma was a good hooman though; she got me a chomper on GDMI’s recommendation!

This was, of course, the bestest bit of the day, but it still continued; we went on through more streets, with more kerbs and more crossings and more steps, and eventually got us back to the choochoo station. There we went to a hooman munchery where the hoomans got munchies, but didn’t munch them. Instead, we went off to get onto the choochoo when it arrived (same procedure again).

Teddy lying on the floor of the train with Lilly's head on his shoulder

Teddy – Lilly’s pillow

Then, once we were all settled, the hooman munching began. Lilly and I just tried to squish ourselves into the little space under the table, but it was just too squishy, so I got myself comfy by stretching out beside the hoomanseats. Lilly then used me as a pillow!

After the workies back from the choochoostation, we arrived at chuggyboathome and Ma and GDMI both seemed super smiley! It seems we did good today! I was just waggyhappy to lie down with my new chomper. Apparently it is called an antler chew. I don’t really care what it is called, it is just good to chomp!

This evening, after I managed to peel myself off the floor for just long enough to disappear my dinner, we had visitors! How very exciting! That was worth waking up for! Adrian and Jan are nice hoomans! They do good chest rubs and good ear loves! I presented them with ratty and piggy and doggerpillar and bunny and pinkmonster and smileyface and…well, pretty much every one of my squishies! They did ooooooodles of hoomanwoofing with Ma and Pa. I just made use of their backpaws for snoozing on!

Adrian and Jan sitting on sofa on boat with Teddy presenting them with his favourite toy - a grey cuddly rat

Visitors Adrian and Jan


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