Day 16 – Mud, buses, more mud and good news

Towpath Teddy. That’s me!

This morning, GDMI arrived and we set off for a lovely workies all along the towpath. Apparently, this is going to be a large part of my job! I think I’m going ot like this job! It was a bit squidgy muddy in places but Ma was impressed with my guiding skills. I kept her on the stripe that was kind of well-pawed down. In some places this meant that I needed to move over to walk on the greenfloorfur because the well-pawed stripe was too narrow for both of us.

We walked all the way to the wet oblongs at Hillmorton, where I found a lovely bowl of water for a good slurp while Ma and GDMI did a sit on the stickseat for a few minutes. I wasn’t about to waste the opportunity for a liedown! Two hehoomans came along with a little pooch that was jumping about on the end of his lead. The hehooman yipped something about him being friendly, but then he gave me a munchie and the little pooch turned all grumpynasty to me. I just sat back out of reach and all was fine – I mean – it takes more than a little snapper to get me bothered! Ma and GDMI, however, were really miffed with Mr Hehooman for feeding me! Apparently the rules are that we Guide Dogs should never be given anything except our proper food and some approved treats for working purposes. This Hehooman was breaking an important rule that could potentially put me or any other working dog in danger (some of my colleagues have rather delicate tummies). A wrong snack could potentially make us poorly and put us out of action for days. That would mean that our hooman charges could be in big difficulties.

Our next bit of today’s adventure was a workies up the slope, along the vroomerway where there is no pawment, then right into the garden of the big pointy building. That garden has lots of little flat walls and posts and things in it. We had to stick to the path though. We went through the twitten and that brought us to a vroomerway where GDMI’s vroomer was last time we went that way. I searched for it, but it wasn’t there this time. We had to go ‘straight on’ and around the corner to a busstop. We waited a few minutes (another liedown opportunity of course!), then rode on the bus. This was very crowded and so my only liedown option was by a rollyseat with a hoomanpuppy in it. He was howling a lot and so I popped my nose in to check him out. He just howled all the more, so I had a liedown! A bit later, some other hoomans got off so there was a bit more space. We did some jiggling around and Ma was able to sit on a better seat and the hoomanpup’s ma was able to stop him howling. I just couldn’t help but resume my favourite postion. When other hoomans were getting on and off the bus, GDMI lifted my paws up and kind of rolled me out of the way! It was most undignified, but it was better than the effort of getting up!

When we got off the bus, we just went across a ‘find the button’ bleepycrossing, to go just up the pawment to another busstop. Then we got on another bus back to chuggyboathome.

from left to right - Lionel (choc lab), Teddy and Lilly (Golden Retrievers) sitting with a vast expanse of open countryside behind

Freerun threesome

We only stayed a brief time while Ma and Pa munched lunchbites. Then came the bestest, waggiest, fabulousest outing! We went in GDMI’s vroomer, along with my girlfriend Lilly and a good chum called Lionel, the choccy labrador. Lionel usually had GDMI’s mum on the daft end of his lead, but today he came with us for a fantabulous FREERUN!!!! Woohooooooo!! It was at a place called St Andrew’s Rugby Club. There were some hoomans there running a pawing at a funny shaped ball, so we weren’t allowed to ‘Go Play’ until we were away from them. When we got to the away place, Lilly and I had to go through the usual ritual of a bit of obedience practice – a sit, down, upsit, munchie. Then GDMI yipped ‘3-2-1-‘ and she and Ma both gave us a ‘Go play’! Woohoooooo! We all three zoomed off and had a great time! We went through a gate and got to go explore all around some lovely fields. It was the bestest possible afternoon! I did manage to recolour my paws – I think they matched Lionel’s fur by the time we had to hup back into the vroomer.

L to R - Lionel (choc lab) looking to his right side, Teddy and Lilly (Golden Retrievers) both smiling at the camera. All 3 dogs are sitting on grass with a hedge behind them

Smiley pooches

When we got back to chuggyboathome, GDMI yipped a bit to Ma and it seems that we are now free to go anywhere in Rugby without her. This means we must be doing pretty well! Ma is very smiley! It seems a good way to celebrate is to launch a big attack on me with a damp cloth and my fur-fluffer!


  1. Good work Ma and Teddy. I love reading your daily blog. I can follow most of it but what is a twitten teddy? It’s so nice that you have been having such nice weather to train ma up in.

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