Day 15 – Shops, squeaks and sign offs

Yesterday, GDMI did something called a ‘sigh-noff’ on another route for us. It seems this means we have permission to do that route without her! So, that is just what we did this morning! We set off on our route toward Tesco, but, instead of doing a ‘find left’ we did a ‘find the crossing’, then ‘left’ and ‘straight on’ to the end of the pawth, then ‘right’ into the long twitten. The surprise came when we got to a gate in the fence on the right and Ma said ‘Find right’. Woohoo! A new direction for me to guide her! ‘Good boy! Find the way’…….It is a bit of a wiggly path leading to going all around a big building. I did my duty though and guided Ma ‘straight on’ all the way to the kerb. Then we had to do a ‘Back. Back. Right’ – this is GuideDogSpeak for ‘turn left’! It is designed to make life more comfortable for us 4paws as it saves us needing to actually go backwards, and it saves our hoomans from having to step off the kerb to go around our fronts. It is actually Ma who goes back, back. I just do right, right, right all the way around her.

Anyway – we went around the big building and met an offkerb practice! There were posts stuck in the ground all around the front of hte building, and a couple of bins between them and the kerb. I took Ma on the ouside of the posts because the inside way was blocked. Then, when we got to the bins, I had to take her offkerb to get around. We did it good though! Yayy! ‘What a good boy’ came with lovely chest rub!

A bit more ‘Straight on’ brought us to a ‘Find the door left’ and into a big shop full of hoomancovers. It seems Ma wants some new backleg covers. Pa helped her to find some and then I had to guide her around a bit more of the shop to a ‘find left’. There, I had to lie down and keep Pa company while Ma disappeared into a cupboard for a little while. When she emerged again, nothing had changed and she put the backlegcovers on a pole! We left that shop without having to ‘find the checkout’. Next we went into another shop where I had to ‘find the steps’ and then practice them with Ma. ‘Step stand. Wait. (Ma’s backpaw onto first step) Forward’ – three times over to get to the top! Then we had to do a lot of weaving around shelves and blocks and boxes. I had to sit for a bit while Ma pawed at some bags, then we were off again to ‘Find the steps’ to go back down again. Top step – sit – Ma’s paw down onto first step – ‘Forward Steady’. Three times again to get to the bottom. Then, again, ‘Find the door’ – no checkout again.

The third shop was more successful. Apparently it is called The Range and it is one I need to remember! I shall remember – it has a doggytoys shelf! That makes it a GOOD shop! Ma was a GOOD Ma – she got me a new toy – squishy lips! I like squishies! Pa also got some big bottles of something called N-Ginoil.

Teddy sitting upright on the bow deck watching passersby in the park


That was enough for one outing, so we headed back home again for a bit of a rest. I spent a bit of time sitting on the bowdeck watching all the comings and goings outside. It was fascinating – hoomans, canines and flappytoys too.

Teddy lying asleep on speckled doormat with his new pink lips toy - stuffed fluffy lips with white teeth and red tongue sticking out

squishy lips toy

GDMI’s visit today started with a whole load of humanwoofing. I showed her my new toy though! I do so love to present hoomans with my squishies! We did then set out for a good afternoon’s workies. We walked all the way into town. On the way, we did  lots of kerb practice and on the few occasions that I found my nose drifting towards some tempting morsel on the pawment, there was a squeaky from GDMI’s front paw! It made me completely forget what I was after and it seems that is super good! It got me some mega praise from Ma and we left behind the morsels.

Once we got into town, I took Ma into the indoor shoppyhall. In there, I had to ‘find the door left’. Apparently this is called Spexavers and Ma needs to go in there sometime soon for some new windows for her lookers. Now I know where to take her! next, we went into BeeAnEm but Ma failed to allow me to guide her to the right shelf in there! Bad Ma!! No toys! Boo!

We then went around the rest of the indoor shoppyhall before heading off around some different bits of town and back toward home again. We didn’t go straight home though. We went to the most important shop in the world! PetsAtHome! Yet again though, we came out without any ‘find the checkout’! All we did was go upstairs (more practice!) where I had to do a ‘sit’ on an oblong. It seems this oblong told GDMI that I have thirty six point six key lows. Whatever that is, it is apparently just perfect! Well, I could have told her I am just perfect! In fact, nobody should need to be told that – it is surely totally obvious!!

GDMI then told Ma that she is now happy to give us a sigh-noff to do all of those things on our own. That means we can go to all those shops again without her tagging along to supervise! I shall have to make sure I guide Ma to the bestest ones and to the bestest bits inside them!

Back home aboard chuggyboathome, it is all cozy and I am rather enjoying a good zzzz right by the glowbox!

Teddy lying asleep on grey rug, as close as he can get to the black stove with red glowing coals inside.

Cozy by the fire

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