Day 17 – Out and about – just Me and Ma!

Today has been mainly snoozy. Well….isn’t that the bestest possible option after a tiring day yesterday?

This morning I took Ma for a workies to Tesco and back. It was a good trip. I got lots and lots of ‘Good boy’, ‘Good work’ and ‘Yesss’ yippings. Those are the ones I like to hear! It was the first time I have really done any serious guiding with Ma doing serious shopping. When we got inside the door, she asked me to ‘Find a basket’ …’Left’….’yesss! Good boy! That’s the baskets!’. I think I now know how to do that again next time. We did lots of ‘Forward. Steady…..find left…..find right…..straight on….steady…..wait….’ all around the shop and Ma put all sorts of interesting smelling things in her basket. Then it was ‘Find the checkout’ and on back to chuggyboathome. Ma was well pleased with me when we got home.

A little while later we got visitors! Ma made me wait on my bed until after they had got all the way in the door. It was really difficult to stay still that long! I did then get to do a calm greeting. The visitors are called Mik and Sue and they are Ma & Pa’s friends that they haven’t seen in a long while. They spent most of the time all sitted at the table munching and hoomanwoofing endlessly! I kept their backpaws warm for most of the time.

When it was time for them to leave, we all went onto the greenfloorfur outside and had to pose for Pa’s PiccieClicker. It was on three long legs and clicked all by itself! Then they went and got into their vroomer and left us.

Ma & Pa plus Mik and Sue standing on grass beside a weeping willow tree, which is beside Narrowboat Sola Gratia. Teddy is lying down in front of the posed group.

Mik & Sue with Ma & Pa and me outiside chuggyboathome

Ma then put her backpawpads on and we set off for another workies. This time, we went of a very long-way-round route to PetsAtHome and then to BeeAnEmm. In PetsAtHome, Ma got me a new noshbowl. I got to try it out at dinnertime tonight. I thought, as it is much bigger than my other one, that maybe I was going to get a bigger ration. I didn’t! However, it did take me a lot longer to eat my dinner because this new bowl has all sorts of knobblybobblies in it, so I had to work hard to get the nuggets of nosh out! Ma says she did this to deliberately slow me down, so that maybe I might not burp quite so much afterwards. Boo! I am proud of my big burps!

Teddy eating from his blue slow feeder bowl, which has a series of ridges inside forming a maze pattern with nuggets of kibble food in all the ridges

Antiburp nosh bowl

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