Day 18 – Fun, Mud and Mummy-Maisie

Wowwwwwweeeeee!!!! I has had the bestest day ever!

It started off all lazy-leisurely, then Ma decided we needed to go for a workies around the block. I decided she was much mistaken! I humoured her by taking her so far, but then staged a sit-down protest at the prospect of going any further! It worked. We turned around and went back to chuggyboathome. I think Ma was satisfied that I had downloaded as she wanted me to and she didn’t seem worried about not completing her planned outing. She had plans for a much bigger workies a bit later apparently. That workies never happened though! Something MUCH better happened instead!

We got visitors. Not just any visitors, but two special hoomans and two special pooches too! The hoomans were Helen and Phil, who were my very first hooman Ma and Pa when I was a squeaky tiny weeny newborn pupster. The pooches were retired Guide Dog Quizzie (14 year old yellow labrador) and Maisie – my mummy! Yayyyyyy!

Walking along a narrow track through woodland, in front is Phil with quizzie, then M with Teddy on harness, then Helen with Maisie

Walking the track through the woods

We all set off, me in harness guiding Ma and everybody else tagging along, and went along the towpath – the other way to the way we’ve been before. We went under a bridge and then upsteps and over a skinnybridge and downsteps the other side. Then we went along a track through the bushes and it got us to Pooch Paradise! There, Ma removed my harness and got me to do my pre-freerun party tricks (Sit. Down. Upsit. Munchie.) then we all got the 3-2-1-Go Play!

Teddy (L) and Maisie (R) sitting on grass, both smiling in the sunshine

Me and my mummy

a wide expanse of undulating green field with the dogs and their respective humans in the distance

Wide open space playing

We zoomed off around the field, then went toward a gate where we met another colleague. It seems that Ma and Pa know the hooman who came with GD Slipper (8 year old black lab x retriever). Slipper’s hooman is Lyn, and they know each other because Ma met them with my predecessor, Oakley. It was time to Paaaarrrrrttttyyyyy! We Guide Dogs (at any stage of our career) know how to have fun together! We zoomed around the field for a while and then the hoomans all started walking so we went with them. It was fabbydabbyfantastic! We got to romp through smiles and smiles of fields, woods and muddysploshy places!

Teddy walking through the shady area of woodland

Exploring the woods

Slipper is a little crazy, I think; she kept going all the way into the wet splosh and loonying around in it! She came out terribly soggy! Ugh! What an awful thing to do to oneself! I just stood and watched her and wondered what on earth had possessed her to enjoy such wetness!

Teddy sitting on grass with canal behind him. He has dark muddy 'socks' on all four paws

Muddy Socks

Me? I did get brave and go for a sort of squelchy paddle in the muddy edge of the splosh. I ended up with socks almost Slipper-coloured! That was quite enough wettifying for me though!

Teddy sitting facing camera showing his very muddy chest, belly and paws

Stylish mud highlights

There was a lot of yummy ‘recall practice’ throughout the expedition. That is where Ma does a peep peep peep on her little blue whistle and I come zooming back to her for a munchie. She had some super scrummy munchies today! Well worth racing back for!

At the end, we pooches all had to do a ‘sit’ on the greenfloorfur to pose for a piccieclicker session, then we had to say tattybye to Slipper before heading back ourselves to chuggyboathome. We all three had to endure a rather unpleasant attack of wetness from a squirtertail! I was NOT impressed! It seems though that Ma and Pa were not impressed with the perfume of my new socks and underbelly coatings. At least I endured it along with the company of mummyMaisie and Quizzie so we shared the torture! I think, on balance, I forgive Ma though. It was a superdupersplendiferous day!

L to R - Slipper, Teddy, Maisie and Quizzie all sitting on grass with a huge expanse of field behind them. They are all a bit muddy and very happy after a great freerun playing together

The fun-loving foursome

Photo shows Ma rinsing me down with a hose by a green picnic bench, to which my lead is attached.

An unwarranted attack by Ma with the squirtertail!

Now, my head seems to be stuck to my bed. I can’t lift it…….zzzzzzzzz

Video shows Teddy and Slipper having a wonderful play in a big open field. Quizzie makes a brief appearance to join in but decides the youngsters are a tad too energetic, so wanders off again. Toward the end, Maisie joins in briefly and Teddy has a bit of a lie down to survey the scene.


  1. Well Teddy. I’m a teddy too. A teddy bear that is. I am coming to see you on your boat very soon . I write stories and am going to write one about you. In proper English mate. Sarf London. None of that daft stuff. So pin back yer lugoles. I talk almost as much as you!

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