Day 19 – Big smilies from Ma

Teddy curled up on the carpeted floor of Rugby Elim Church. He is slightly tucked under a chair with his bum somewhat wedged between the wooden legs

Snoozing through the hoomanhowling

It seems this Church thing is now my normal Sunday. I think I rather like it: it starts with a nice workies, then a snooze while all the hoomans do a whole load of howling and pawsmacking and jiggling and yipping. (Today I had to squish in a bit between Ma’s and Pa’s backpaws as it was really crowded.) Next comes a chance for some loves and admirations. I have to be in a sit before Ma will allow such stuff but it is worth it.

Today, we did the workies via the same route as last week and, when we got there Ma was all super smiley with me. I got lots of fuss and praise. I must’ve done a good job! Afterwards, we set off in a different direction to last week. We went all the way into town and into a hooman noshery. A few minutes later we were joined by some hoomanpals from church. This was Simon and Esther the bighoomans and Livvy and Noah the hoomanpups. Livvy has a white rollystick like Ma’s (but shorter) and she yipped to me that she wants a Guide Dog when she gets a bit bigger. I think she will be a lovely guidee – she has some super loves for doggy ears and belly!

Teddy lying on wooden floor under table, looking up toward the camera

Under the table

The workyhooman nosh-bringer brought me a teeny tiny bowl of water. It was smaller than Ma’s talkybone! He yipped that it was all he could find for me, but he brought a big jug of water for Ma to refill my tiny bowl. It was nice to enjoy a good slurp while all the noshing went on above me. When they finally finished noshing and, of course, yipping, I got to do a sit pose with Livvy and Noah before they gave me loves. Then, on went my harness and we said tattybyes.

Teddy in a sit pose on wooden floor, just inside the door of Wetherspoons, with Livvy (10 - white hair, dark glasses, dark tshirt and folded long cane under her right arm) on his right side, and Noah (6 - dark hair, white tshirt and red & black cheked jacket) on his left

Posing with Livvy and Noah

Before we left, I had to take Ma to the hooman spending room. I moved to get out of her way and there was a loud roaring from above me, and the shiny square monster that was roaring blasted me with a big hot fuff! I was NOT impressed with that! It stopped roaring when I moved away, but started again when Ma put her front paws under it’s mouth! Why would she get so close to it?!!! I was glad to get out of that little room!

We had a good workies all the way home again and, once again, Ma was all smiley and told me what a good and clever boy I am! I think I can take plenty more of that kind of praise!

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  1. I’m loving reading about Teddy’s progress. Super entertaining, but they also give me, a guide dog boarder, an insight into the dogs’ working lives. Looking forward to reading more.

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