Day 2 – Separated

Teddy with cuddly bone toy in mouth, resting his head on the edge of the bed. Only his head is visible, slightly tilted to the right. chin resting on pale blue and white patterned duvet

Good morning Ma & Pa

Dark time was a bit biffety bumpety on this chuggyboat. Outside was really huffy fuffy and we were getting gentle jiggles and bumps. It was OK though. I had my snuggly bed. Ma and Pa were super impressed that I only trotted to check up on them twice. They seemed fine so I trotted back to my bed again.

Pa came to find me this morning and I greeted him with my super waggy tail, selected a toy and trotted off to present it to Ma. My tail went thwump thwump thwump against the door! I think it was happy greetings all round!

I went outside for my necessaries then got my breakfast and had a rest while Ma & Pa had their hot slurps and breakfast. Then, very soon after, GDMI (Guide Dog Mobility Instructor) arrived and took us all for a vroomer ride to the other side of town. There, Ma and Pa abandoned me and went off in another vroomer.

I then had a fabulous day while they, I’m told, went off for a boring day of hooman woofing. They call it training….but training is all about walking in my experience! Oh well, nemind! I had fun with my girlfriend Lilly and with GDMI too. We went for a freerun together! MUCH more fun than a hooman trainingwoofing session. Lilly is also a trainee Guide Dog, like me and she is now training her new shehooman. After a day of fun and workies with GDMI, we all went for a vroomer ride together. Jenna left us for a few minutes and came back with Ma & Pa. Then we all had a long vroomer ride. After a bit of it, we stopped and Lilly got out and took her hooman with her, then we vroomed back to chuggyboat.

I then took Ma for a workies in darktime. This meant I had to be super good at my job as her lookers really don’t work at all in darktime. I should explain that, at this stage in training, I have Ma holding on to my harness handle, and my lead, and I also have GDMI holding an extra lead. This is just for while we are in our early days of training. We went along pawments by some big noisy vroomertracks and I had to be careful to guide Ma around all sorts of things that she didn’t know were there: Things like posts and buzzing boxes and sticky-out twigs and bushes. GDMI told Ma what I was doing and taking her around. She was a good hooman and followed my guidance very well! I had to stop at lots of kerbs and sit to indicate to Ma that we were at a road. I thn have to wait while she did her fancy backpaw moves. This involves putting both backpaws together at the kerb edge, using the right one to feel how deep down the step goes, then move it back to be ready to set off again. She listens for vroomers and, when she deems it safe,, she asks me to ‘Forward’, with a swing of her front right paw too. I then spring into action and take her straight across the road. Where there is an upkerb I have to go ‘steady’ (that means slower) and then do ‘StepStand’. This is where I put my front paws up on the upkerb and stop for Ma to step up without tripping. Then we carry ‘Straight on’. I am beginning to get Ma to keep up with my fast pace, but I did slow down a bit for her when she started panting a bit! I also had to do some ‘Find right’ turns and a couple of ‘Find the way’ around some pole-things that make a weave path.

We made it back safely to chuggyboat and I think Jenna was a bit impressed! I got some super ‘Good boy’ and ‘Clever boy’ and ‘Well done Teddy’ fusses from Ma too. I think that means we did good!

Now, I’ve had my dindins (it disappeared rather fast!), and had some fusses from Ma while she put her paws up for a bit. So, if you will excuse me, I think I need to spend some quality time on my bed with my toys!

Teddy, sitting on grey striped rug, beside sofa (light coloured wood base with mid-blue cushions), with Ma sitting with her legs up. She is stroking my left ear and looking over her shoulder toward the camera

Ma fusses after a good workies


  1. Dear Oakley with his retirement has left you with big boots to fill with . Really enjoying your informative journey beautiful boy

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