Day 21 – Visitors, Digging, Sit-down-protest and Darktime workies

A lazy start to the day was welcome. Waking up didn’t come easily to any of us! We made it eventually though.

Pa disappeared into a big hole in the back deck of chuggyboathome. I sat safely at the bottom of the steps and kept a close watch on him. I was a bit concerned he might not get out again. He seemed to be doing some clanking and twiddling with some very peculiar sticktoys. Then he fitted a new collar-type thing onto the big growling beastie.

I left him at that point, because visitors arrived; much more interesting that Pa’s strange idea of playtime! Tizzy is her name. She is a 14 year old puppy – a pedigree mess – whippet x terrier x canine cocktail. She came aboard chuggyboathome and we had a bit of a play and got to know each other a little. Oh! Tizzy brought a hooman with her: her shehooman called Chrissie. Very soon, we went outside and found Max (my new buddy i met yesterday) with Pete too. Shortly afterwards, Pa must’ve escaped from the beastie’s den because he appeared and the hoomans all sat on the stick-seat-with-table and slurped from their little slurp-pots while we pooches got on the the best play we could manage with the hoomans on the daft ends of our leads. Part of our play was a team effort to dig a little hole in the greenfloorfur. We didn’t get to go very deep with it though as the hoomans stopped us! Spoilsports!

Dogs, from left to right; Teddy, Max (fox hound x beagle) and Tizzy - pedigree mess (kind of whippet shaped and sized wire-haired terrier). Hoomans from left to right, standing behind the dogs; Ma, Pete and Chrissie. A picnic bench is behind them and the surrounds are grass and some trees in the background

Teddy, Tizzy and Max with hoomans too

Eventually, the fun was ended when the hoomans finished munching and slurping and their non-stop woofing, and I got to take Ma out. We set off across the vroomerkennel area where I searched for GDMI’s vroomer but it wasn’t there. Ma insisted that we go ‘straight on’ then ‘find right’. I was a tad reluctant, but I did as asked. Then we started on along the pawment, but I got a bit jittered by the fact that we were walking away from home, so I stopped. Ma tried to encourage me on with all the things that GDMI has been teaching her, but I was trying my bestest to tell her she was totally wrong! She won in the end though! I had to surrender! We went on for a rather good workies. OK…. I suppose I have to admit I was wrong! We went a very long route to two good shops: The first one Ma called TheRange. I had to guide her around a few boring shelves, but then she allowed me to take her to the proper area; I did hope for maybe a munchie or a toy, but ‘not today’. It seems they didn’t have what she wanted in that department. So, after a ‘find the checkout’ and a bit more workies around more of the shoppyarea, I had to ‘find the steps’ and take Ma safely down them, then ‘Find left’. That was a GOOD command Ma! That way leads to Pets at Home! That got me on a mission! Ma was very impressed with me for all my stops and sits at kerbs on the way. Then she was very obedient! She allowed me to take her in! I did have to ‘Stand’ and ‘Wait’ outside the door first though. I think that is something GDMI has taught her to remind me who is boss! I managed to let her believe that! I got some fusses (with Ma’s permission first) and admirations from the workyhoomans in there. One of them is a hoomanfriend from church. Ma got some help from one of the shehoomans there too and so got the treats pouch she wanted.

Ma was smiley with me for my work today, once we got past my little attempted sit-down-protest. We had some chillout time and a nice grooming session before I got my nosh early. It seems this was planned because GDMI was coming to make me work again! I had to show her how I guide Ma in the darktime. I also tried to demonstrate my sit-down-protest skills. She wasn’t impressed! She taught Ma some extra tricks to ‘persuade’ me that it is not acceptable to be a stropchops! One of those tricks is to make her pocket squeak. At one of the points where I tried to tell her she was totally wrong for wanting to go ‘straight on’, she tried the tactics of ‘huppup’, ‘get on’, ‘forward’ and a few other such commands, coupled with tugging and paw-gestures. I managed to maintain my protest until that pocket squeaked. That totally distracted my determination! How cheeky was that of her? That squeak made my botty leap off the floor and so, while my guard was down, I found myself moving forward again. Ma cheered me on with this in such a way that I just had to carry on!

After a couple more attempts at my protest, I gave up and just resigned to the idea that we were going anyway! I strutted my stuff with true professionalism and stopped at every kerb, indented where necessary, did a ‘steady to kerb’ when Ma needed me to so she could work out how big a step up to take, and kept her on the right path all the way.

When we got home again, GDMI seemed pleased with us and went off and left us again. Once aboard chuggyboathome, Ma revealed the source of the pocketsqueak: it was one of my toys! How very rude of her to steal my pink piggy to trick me!

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