Day 23 – Mostly snoozing

No GDMI again today. We’ve mainly been taking it easy after yesterday’s big workies. I can’t say I’m complaining about that – especially as it has been all drippy soggy yucky outside for a lot of the day.

You disturbed my slumbers!

You disturbed my slumbers!

I did take Ma on a workies this morning. We took a long round-the-block route that just ‘happened’ to include a drop into Pets at Home! Well! That was a shame wasn’t it??!! Snigger! I’m sure Ma really really wanted to go in there anyway….. She did buy a couple of things; one I’m a tad wary about – it smelled dodgy to me and she was woofing with the shehooman in there – something about foxpoop spray de-stinker. Thankfully that seems to have disappeared into the cupboard! The other thing was a bottle of scrummy stuff that really was good; Ma squirted some of it into a little red blob called a kong. It was delicious lickywork getting that back out again!

2 photos joined - the left one shows Teddy sitting upright licking at the bottom of a red kong which is held by Ma's left hand. His eyes are half closed with pleasure. In the right pic, Teddy is lying down on a pink towel with his head sideways down on the floor, licking at the filled kong which he is holding with his left paw

Kong cleaning

Later this afternoon, I took Ma on another workies – just a walk for the pleasure of taking a walk! I did get a tad fuzzled at first because we went a way we haven’t been before. I tried to protest as a way of telling Ma she was going the wrong way, but she was most insistent. I surrendered and it actually turned out to be a very pleasant route! I shall forgive her for nagging me into that! It was a route that took us along a paw-way that wasn’t near the vroomers. That made a pleasant change. It was a bit like towpath in that I had to walk on the greenfloorfur beside the narrow track so that Ma could walk on the track itself. It took us through some fairly peaceful parkish areas and on into a long twitten route. This led us to a big busy vroomerway but that was OK; I had to ‘Find the box’ – those bleepy boxes dispense me a munchie when I find them for Ma! We then went across the vroomerway and along a short stretch of pawment beside it, then took a ‘Find left’ to another twitten that led us back to Tesco and so on to home again.

Ma was very pleased with that bit of practice!

Teddy sitting smartly upright on a big pink towel with his head tilted upwards, showing his glorious golden fluffy chest

Handsome Dude!

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