Day 24 – Long workies the wrong way

This morning Ma and I went out for a workies. Apparently we were supposed to be going to the vet to get me registered (whatever that means). We set off and all was going well. I tried to protest briefly that we were going the wrong way but Ma just got me to ‘sit’ and she ignored me for a few moments. Then, all of a sudden, she picked up my harness handle again and, before I had chance to protest any further, we were on our way and I was getting ‘huppup’ and ‘yessss….good boy…..let’s go’, so on we went. I don’t know what all the fuss was about!

Anyway – we workiesded quite a long way when Ma started to falter a bit, then she asked me to ‘stand’. I did for a moment, then, when she was holding her talkybone to her earole, I took the opportunity to grab a lie down. Well….it would have been a waste of energy to stay upright! It seems her talkybone told her that we had gone completely the wrong way, so we turned around and went back again. I didn’t mind; it meant I got a second chance to ‘Find the box’! I do love to find the box at those bleepy crossings. ‘Find the box’ actually means ‘have a munchie’! Heehee!

This return bit of workies, it seems, got us back onto the route we should have been on, so we went on to find the vethouse. We didn’t go in though! It was all in darkness and there was some funny red and white flapping tape around the entrance step. So, instead, we set off to find the way home again.

Ma was a bit disorientaterated as we hadn’t been that way before. She asked me again to ‘stand’ while she got her talkybone out again. This time though, she didn’t put it to her earole. Instead she poked at it with her pawstick and it started yipping to her. It was telling us to do things like turn right and turn left. We followed its instructions and ended up on familiar territory again, and so found our way back to home.

On this route, we had lots and lots of practice at kerb work. I was very careful to ‘indent’ well, to find the safest, shortest route across each road. A few times, I had to ‘steady to the kerb’ on the other side so that Ma could work out how big a step up she needed to take. There were a few places where there were vroomers parked on the pawment and so we had to squeeze past carefully. I slowed right down for Ma for those places. There was one place where we had no choice but to do an ‘offkerb’, where there simply wasn’t any way past on the safe side. So I took Ma to the kerb and did a ‘sit’ there. She then had to listen for a gap in the vroomers whizzing by and then step her right paw into the gutter and ask me to ‘forward’ and ‘keep over’. I took us both safely around the naughty vroomer and straight back onto the pawment as soon as possible.

One little side road proved a real challenge: Several vroomers and a big long roaring-whoosher were all parked completely blocking the pawment and it was really difficult to find a way through. Ma asked me to ‘stand’ for a while so she could use her talkybone to zoom in a search for a way across. We had to go slightly diagonally across and then between the roaring-whoosher and a vroomer – a big challenge! The alternative would have been to go out onto the really busy whizzy road – not a good idea at all!

We did it though! I took care of Ma and she was super proud of me! She told me I am awesome! I think that is good!

After a good grooming session (my looks need maintenance!!), and a very pleasant siesta, we set off out again late this afternoon. Thsi time, I had to take Ma to Aldi. This involves workies along the pawment beside the zoomie vroomerway, then across a double munchie-dispensing ‘find the box’ crossing, then more zoomie vroomerway to another non-bleepy crossing. This one is not easy as it is quite a zoomie vroomerway too but we only have to do one way at a time. There is another kerbstop in the middle. That takes us into quieter side streets – though something Ma calls an estate. This means lots and lots of bottydown kerb practice as I have to sit at every one!

Inside Aldi, Ma got some funny bendy yellow things. I offered to carry them for her but she declined my help and I just had to ‘find the checkout’ for her. Then we had to trek all the way back again. When we arrived back beside chuggyboathome, I found GDMI sitting on the stickseat. I gave her my waggiest greeting. I’ve missed her! Apparently she had been following us and watching us. How sneaky is that?!! She seemed rather impressed and smiley with us though.

Now, I do seem to be finding my head is a tad heavy and this fluffy rug is dragging it downwards…….zzzzzzz

Teddy lying on fluffy grey rug looking very sleepy with his eye only slightly open


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  1. What a good boy to do all that workising even though the vet place was closed. It was good you also got back on track again after you got a bit discombobulated 🙂 well done and good boy.

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