Day 26 – The plonker jacket

My street cred has gone! Oh the shame! Ma dressed me in a bright yellow plonker jacket and I had to workies her all the way to church in it – and back again! Waaaaaahhhhh!

Ma wearing blue waterproof coat with hood up and Teddy wearing hi-viz yellow waterproof dog coat under his white Guide Dog harness. Both standing on path beside burgundy narrowboat

Plonker Jacket

The world was mega drippy this morning – well actually not really drippy – more like full on jet-spraying! Yeeeuuuuchh! So, Ma and Pa both put on their noisy outercovers and I got clad in this yellow thing! My harness still fitted OK over the top of it so off we set for our workies. When we got to church, off came all the wet layers. I suppose I forgave Ma at that point because I was all dry underneath – just my head and legs were soggy. Maybe this plonker jacket is worth enduring……

Teddy (having just arrived at church) wearing his yellow coat, with a very wet head and ears

Soggy Head

Teddy sitting up in a fairly small space between rows of seats in church with his face squished into Ma's hands enjoying a fuss

Squishy face fusses

When we went inside and found seats, (it was a bit of a squish again but I found space for me to lie down) Ma got a soft fluffy flappy thing out of her bag and gave me a delectable rubbadub all over my face and head. Oooooh! that was luvverly! I did rather hope the fluffyflappy would then become a nice toy to suck on, but Ma wouldn’t let me! Meanie! I settled for some nice fusses and loves instead though.

Teddy sitting upright betwenn Ma's legs, facing her with his left paw in her hand and his chin tucked toward his chest in a rather cute pose

Sitting pretty

The return workies wasn’t quite so soggy from above but the ground was very puddly. I did attempt to dry them up by slurping at them but Ma seems to be of the opinion that this is not a good plan so I had to surrender to ‘Straight on’ and leave all the minilakes where they were! I did begin to get the message though that Ma doesn’t particularly like sploshing through these puddles. She prefers to ‘Go around’. I learned fast! I got the idea and paddled through some of them myself in order to guide her around the edges.

We then had a bit of a snoozy afternoon, with a built in grooming session for me too. A bit later I got to take Ma out on another workies – like the other day – just for the pleasure of going for a walk – well….and a bit of practice together too! This time it was almost dry from above so I didn’t have to be a plonker. Phew! i did do pretty well at practicing taking Ma around the puddles though – there was plenty of practice to be had! Ma was very impressed with me for that.

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  1. I think you look great, Teddy, in your ‘Plonker’ jacket. 😁🐾🐾😁 Very very smart!
    You’re a very clever boy finding your way through wet grass and muddy patches. I’m amazed at how much you’ve learned in such a short space of time. xx

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