Day 27 – New hoomanfriends

A mainly leisurely morning, with a visitor. A nice shehooman who brought something for Ma. I could sniff poochpals on her bag, but no poochpals were to be found! I had to content myself with presenting her with my paw and head for loves!

Next, I took Ma outside for a bit of practice at what she calls obedience. She really doesn’t get it! I tried very hard to make her obedient in following me to explore the area but she refused! In the end I just had to give up trying and do the ‘Sit. Down. Stay’ that she clearly thought was a better plan! While I was doing as she asked, she had the audacity to go fiddling about doing other things! She twiddled with something that was flapping about on the roof of chuggyboathome. I mean… rude! I did my bit….I stayed in my ‘down’ and she walked away and fliffed and flaffed with that! Apparently, I was a very good boy and got lots of fuss and praise when she finally brought her attention back to the correct subject!


Viewed from behind; Teddy and Ma striding along the pawment with the road to their left and a fence and scrubby bushes to their right. Teddy's tail is wagging in the wind. Ma is wearign her hi-viz yellow rucksack


Soon after that, we set off out on a workies. It was a bit of a challenging one – partly because it was really huffety (my ears were fluffing all over the place!), so Ma couldn’t hear too well when it came to traffic at junctions (hooman luggoles are SO very inferior!), but also, because we had lots of roads to cross, some of which had vroomers parked in very awkward places! I had to work hard to keep Ma safe.

Teddy guiding Ma through a narrow gap between a pole with a crossing button box on it, to their left, and a large hedge on their right

A bit of a squeeze

Pa was following a way behind allowing Ma and me to practice our stuff, but he did catch up with us a couple of times to help out at particularly difficult spots.

We all made it though. We got to a very interesting place. It was a hooman munchery, but it had pooch pals inside too and funny clucking flappytoys outside. I mostly had to lie down while Ma and Pa woofed and woofed and woofed with other hoomans, plus they had munchies too. It was nice to meet and greet new hoomans Liz, Clive, Leslie and Jacquie too. I did get some rather nice ear rubs and head polishes, as well as a lovely big bowl of water.

Teddy lying on wooden floor beside cafe table. Leslie is bending down making a fuss of him and Liz is sitting on the chair beside them

Ear rubs from Leslie

On the way back I got all confuddled when Pa disappeared ahead of us. He then appeared below us on the towpath of the canal. We were on the pawment in the sky going over the top. I peeped through the sticks that make the wall of that pawment in the sky and watched him. Then Ma asked me to ‘Forward’. I did and we then stopped by the steps down to the canal. Ma asked me to ‘stand’ there so we didn’t go down, so I just looked down but found Pa had disappeared! I looked back up at where we had come from and he wasn’t there either! I did a bit of a frantic dodge to and fro looking at both places and thankfully, he then appeared and came up the steps! Phew! I thought we had lost him!

Teddy peering down through the railings of a bridge over the canal. He is no harness with Ma on the daft end of it

What are you doing down there, Pa?

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