Day 28 – Lots of workies and a nasty squirt

We may have had a fairly lazy couple of days, but I think we’ve made up for it today!

We all (me, Ma and Pa) set out this morning on a trip to Aldi. As we were going up the hill, I spotted a bus waiting at the bus stop, so I took Ma onto it. It seems that was not the plan! ‘Not today. We’re walking’. I tried a bit harder to get her on there….I was aiming for the empty seats….I could easily have guided her to one of them, but NOPE! I had to turn around and get off again! Not before I got some loves and admirations from the busdriver shehooman. The other hoomans in the seats on the bus all laughed and wanted me to stay on with them. Ma was a meanie though. ‘Nice try lazy bones but we are going for a walk!’ Boo!

Oh well! It was a good walk anyway – all good practice apparently.

Inside Aldi, I had to stop at one point and look after Ma while Pa went off to search for something. A workyhehooman came along with a huge wheelierattler piled high with huge bags of poochnosh. I thought it was all for me and I tried to make friends with the hehooman but Ma reminded me that I was supposed to be sitting out of the way. Another boo! Double boo when he pulled a frame thingy out from the shelf and it revealed some nuggets of nosh that really needed to be tidied away. Ma said it is not my job to do that! I only wanted to be helpful! I sat by her backpaws and gave her my biggest snort of huffiness!

When we got to the checkout the shehoomans sitting inside their little crate knew me and gave me some luvverly ear rubs! That made up for the disappointments. Soon we were on our way back down all the hills and back to chuggyboathome. We didn’t stay there for long though. We soon set off out again for another long workies.

Ma and Teddy posing for a photo outside the door to Rainsbrook Vets in Rugby

Outside the Vet’s

We went up the hill the other way (everyway we go is uphill from chuggyboathome here in Rugby!) and found the Vet’s. We went in and waited for a few minutes, then a he-vet came and called my name. First of all I had to sit on a mat.

Teddy sitting on the weighing scale

Teddy weigh-in

Apparently this mat told the he-vet that I have thirtysix point five key lows. It seems that is good. Next, we went into a little room where he-vet looked in my ears and shone a bright thing in my eyes. Then he rubbed his paws aaaaallllll over me, picked up each of my paws and prodded about at them, then he was very rude; he looked under my tail! I mean….perrrlease…. I sat down! That stopped the indignity!!! He declared me to be in really good shape, although I wouldn’t come to any harm by losing maybe half to one key low, but not by any drastic or urgent means.

Teddy sitting in front of the vet having his ears inspected

Lughole inspection

The he-vet then used a shiny thing that he attached to his lugholes and then held it against my chest. Apparently that told him that I am all good inside too. That was all OK. He then came toward me with a shiny spikey thing in his paw. He got hold of a bit of my neck and then let go again. I have no idea what that was all about. The next bit though was NASTY! He came at me with a little stick, stuck it up my nose and squirted it! That was NOT NICE! Bleugh!

We escaped from there and then carried on walking around the streets and into a shop where Pa collected a box and got one of those funny upright bowls of hot brown slurp that hoomans seem to like. Then we went outside and I got a lie down while Ma and Pa perched on a pole and slurped their slurp. When they had finished that, we set off on a different route back to home. When we got to chuggyboathome, GDMI appeared and Ma made me sit still and wait. I managed that but did get a bit excited when I was released to greet! She came aboard chuggyboathome with us and I lay down to warm up her backpaws for her. She and Ma and Pa did ooooooodles of woofing and I know that it was all about me, but I was too tired to keep my eyes open to listen properly. I think it was all about our training; tips on getting our workies really good. It takes a lot of learning and a lot of practice. She was smiley though! It seems we’re doing good!

Now, if you will excuse me, I do seem to be finding the rug is dragging my head downwards…..

Teddy lying asleep on his side on wooden floor of boat with both front paws stretched out in front of him

Sleepy boy

Teddy lying on the rug twisted around a corner, with back legs akimbo and front paws going sideways around the sofa base

broken dog

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