Day 29 – QualiDay

We did it! We qualified! Woohoo!! Ma is all super smiley!

Ma kneeling down next to Teddy, who is in his white Guide Dog harness with yellow chest band. They are on a concrete path with grass and flower beds behind.

Newly Qualified Team Teddy

I got woken up early this morning! I wasn’t ready to get out of my bed, but ‘Come on Teddy, out for a busy’ was the insistance! I did just about manage to arise. At least it meant I got my breakfast early too!

Then it was time for Ma and me to toddle off out. We left Pa behind to do the domesticals. We set off along the pawth to the vroomerway, then left along the pawment and left again down the ‘Steady….Steady’ slopey sideways steep slope and on along temptation twitten. I was a good boy. I wasn’t tempted to snaffle anything. Well….maybe I might have been tempted, but I didn’t succumb to that temptation. Ma is on my case now – I don’t get away with it so I’m kinda giving up trying! We went all the way into town via 2 ‘find the box’ bleepycrossings and the big high zigzag bridge over the choochoo lines, and fair few ‘straight to kerb’ stops. Then we had to go through the shoppyplace and ‘find Costa’. I took Ma inside and upsteps inside to ‘Find a seat’. Just before I got to do that, there was a voice behind us; it was GDMI and another Guide Dogs shehooman called Kendall. I think Kendall is a bosshooman! They were both all smiley and so was Ma when they woofed ‘Congratulations on qualifying!’. The fusses and loves made me all smiley waggy too! It seems that qualifying is very good and happymaking!

We did find seats – GDMI moved some furniture around so we could all sit together (she did move it back again after we had finished!). I took the opportunity to lie down and snuggle onto the backpaws of Ma and GDMI while the hoomans did loads of woofing and squiggling. Apparetnly the squiggling makes Ma and me an official QUALIFIED GUIDE DOG PARTNERSHIP.

Ma and Pa are super happy. Me? Well….I am rather liking the new squishies I’ve got! Two new teddybears, a giraffe, a mouse and a little sheep! Oh…and the chewychewy I got was a bit yummy too!

Teddy sitting looking proud, with his head held high, mouth slightly open in a 'smile' with his new toys around him

New toys


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