Day 3 – Getting into stride

Last darktime was much better! Much less lumpety bumpetying. I wandered to Ma and Pa a few times to check on them during the darktime. Each time I took a toy to share, but they didn’t seem interested, so I left them there for just in case. When lighttime came, Pa had a soft floor to put his back paws onto when he got out of bed.

GDMI came twotimes today, and took us on vroomer rides to different parts of town and we got to go workies around lots of streets. I had to work pretty hard (well… I am pretty anyway!) to keep Ma from bumping her front legs on the many many tall square boxes on wheels that were standing all along the pawments. Apparently this means it was something called binday today. I also had to take Ma offkerb a few times because the way was blocked by various different things. One bit was blocked by one of those binday boxes by a lamp-post, another by a hehooman with his toys out of boxes and the doors of a whirring cupboard open, another by cagey things around a hole in the ground….. I did good though! I got lots of ‘Good boy’ and fusses!

Doing an offkerb is a tricky manouvre for us Guide Dogs; I have to slow down on approach, then take Ma to the kerb and stop and sit. Then she has to shuffle  her back paws to the right position, then give the ‘Forward’ command. At this point, we step out into the road and I have to guide her around the obstacle and back onto the pawment as soon as possible, then pause with front paws up on the kerb and wait for Ma to find up safely, then we can carry on our way.

Apart from these offkerbs, which weren’t planned for today, we have done lots of practice of kerbs and turns left and right. I tried very hard to clean the floor of some carelessly discarded munchies, but I didn’t get away with it. GDMI opened my mouth and stole my goodies! How mean is that? It seems that she doesn’t think that street cleansing is part of my job!

After all the hard work around town, we got back to the vroomer but we didn’t get straight in. Instead, we played a game. GDMI went and put some munchies on the ground along the pawment. Then I had to guide Ma that way. It seems the idea of the game was for me to walk past those munchies, with lots of exciting-sounding hoomanwoofing from Ma, then, when I had got us past them all, I got a bigger munchie from Ma! I hope we get to play this game lots more!

Back home after all that hard work, I was ready to stretch out for a nice snooze. Ma seems to like to sit on the sofa with her back paws up and stretched out, so I just lie as close as I can by being on the rug alongside. I watched her for a while; she was doing something most intriguing; it seemed to involve a shiny twig with a hook on the end, and a twirled-up blob of multicoloured endless whisker. She was twiddling it all about and it was making a loop that gets wider and wider the more she twiddles……

Teddy lying on stripey rug, with his back against the wooden base of the sofa. Ma up on the sofa sitting with her feet up, crocheting. Teddy is lying with his head end towards Ma, but is looking back over his shoulder for this shot

Ma and her twiddlehooking


  1. Well done both of you… Your going to make a great team. Loving this blog and loving learning about the two you you.

  2. Well done Teddy. What a kind, thoughtful boy you are giving pa a soft landing for his paws. Well done on the munchy avoiding game. Doggy munchies are much nicer 🙂

  3. Hello Teddy, it sounds as though you are doing a grand job. I am fascinated learning about your training most of which I would never have thought about. I am afraid that most of us with good ‘lookers’ don’t consider the danger of kerbs and obstructions on the pavement for people like your lovely Ma. Keep up the good work. Jennie, Chris and Monty xx

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