Day 4 – Killer Hill

We waited a while for GDMI to arrive today, but the time was filled with a visitor! A canine visitor! A doggybuddy!

Teddy sitting on the rug, with Jasper the white with grey patches staffie cross. Jasper is reaching upwards to sniff Teddy's jowls

Jasper and me meeting and greeting

His name is Jasper and he is a little Staffie / French Bulldog pocket rocket! Oh…. he did bring a hooman too: Adrian. He was a nice hehooman. There’s not much room inside chuggyboat to play with a buddy, but we managed to get on though. It was very nice to have a visitor!

Teddy is sitting looking at Adrian who is stiing on the sofa. Jasper (white with grey patches small staffie cross), is sitting beside Teddy licking Ma's right front paw

Greeting each other’s hoomans

After they left Ma got me to do the usual routine for going outside: I am not allowed to just hop off of chuggyboat. I have to ‘sit’ at each stage and ‘wait’ for the next command. The door from cozy inside leads to a step up onto a sort of pointy end bit of chuggyboat. This has a flappy roof and walls. Ma gets hold of a little tinkly thing and then does a vvvzzzzz upwards – two of those – one either side of the flappy door. Then she wops the flappy door upwards and over the roof. While she is doing all of this, I am in a ‘sit’ waiting, with my lead connected. Then she tells me ‘Ok. Off you hop’ and then ‘Sit’ again once I am outside. She then steps out and off we go.

We didn’t go far. We just walked to and fro and to and fro and to and fro along the green-floor-fur beside chuggyboat, and a tiny bit further on to some bushes. All the time, Ma was woofing ‘Busy boy’ ‘Busy busy’…… that is Guide Dogs speak for ‘doggy download’. It is the command all Guide Dogs hoomans woof to try to get us dogs to do our necessaries. After a number of to and fro-ings, I did give the green-floor-fur a good warm-watering, but I wasn’t willing to do anything more substantial. I saved that for Jenna later on!

She arrived soon afterwards and then the work began! We set off on our longest workies yet: nearly six miles, according to Ma’s front paw strap. I had to work my paws off! There was a lot of kerbs practice, plus a looooooong hike up Killer Hill. I managed to keep up speed though! Ma says she wants to get fitter! We went up and down and around lots of streets and practiced lots of kerbs and turns.We made our way into the centre of town and into the Grand Central indoor shoppy place. In there, I very proudly took us to a familiar shop called BeeAnEmm. I took Ma straight to the bestest shelf; the one with doggy toys! Heehee! I got to choose myself a new toy!

Teddy curled up on stripey rug, with his head resting on his new toy: a pink fluffy pig

A powernap with my new pink oinker

Then I had to ‘Find the checkout’. I did it! And I got some admirations form the shehooman who was doing the bleeping. After that, we went on a bit further around town to another favourite place; The hooman slurpery in the park. It was time to refuel Ma and Jenna, and for me to get a bit of a chance to suck on my new toy; a pink oinker. I got some fuss and loves from the workyshehooman there too! We then set off on the final workies back to home again. This took us up and over a big wobbly, echoey bridge with lots of potential munchies dotted along the way. I didn’t get to clean up though! Boo!

Back home on chuggyboat, Jenna brought Ma some toys to use on me: nice groomy toys! She showed Ma how to make me look all smart and fluffy and then left us.

Teddy asleep on his bed under the table. He is lying on top of his foam mattress, with a duvet on top of it, with his front paw hanging off the edge. in the foreground is the desmo leg of the table and a small selection of Teddy's toys

A nice snooze on my cozy bed under the table

A bit later, after a much needed good snooze on my cozy bed, Ma had her first proper go at fluffing me up! I think she did a not-too-shoddy job of it! I like the process anyway – it is always good to get a massage and some loves!

A bit about today’s work:

I am trained to work in straight lines. So, I take Ma along a pawment until we reach a kerb, where I have to sit and await further instructions. She does her moves with her back paws: when we first stop, she stops with both of them right at the kerb, then she asks me to ‘Wait’ and moves her right paw back a bit. Then she uses her hearers to work out if any vroomers are coming. When there aren’t any, she tells me ‘Forward’ and swings her right front paw forward too. I then take her straight across to the upkerb and stop on it if she asks me to do a ‘step stand’. Then, if we are continuing along the same road in the same direction, then it is ‘straight on’. On many of today’s roads, this was continued for many many times, as they were all long straight roads with lots of little roads joining.

On the occasional kerb-stop though, we changed direction. To do this, I still take Ma straight to kerb (well – that is the name of the manoeuvre, but on most corners, I take her on an ‘indent’ – this is done by going a little way around the corner to a safer place to cross – away from the corner). She does her paw stop first, then asks me to ‘wait’. If we are turning right, then she will step back, turn her right back paw to the right, and tell me ‘Right’ whilst banging the top of her back right leg with her front paw, I step across her and off we go to the right. If we are turning left, then she steps back, does the same as for a right turn, but then says ‘right’ again, so we turn back about ourselves and then carry on. Sometimes, though, we go straight across the road and then, as we step up onto the upkerb, Ma will tell me ‘right’ or ‘left’ and we change direction accordingly.

Several times today I got to do my favourite thing: I was asked to ‘find the box’ at a bleepy crossing! I do love to do this! I take Ma straight to the box and boof my nose against the pole to show her where it is, then the box magically dispenses a munchie! I wish there was a box to find at every kerb!


  1. Oh Teddy, i have a Vivvy dog too and she looooves finding crossings just in case we fancy a โ€œfind the boxโ€ for a box-munchy. Vivvy says these are the best ๐Ÿ™‚ shame you had to climb the hill but four paws are better than two for this sort of thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. IMG_7851.jpeg
    Hope black 19month guide dog trainee lab/ret. enjoys playing with her pink oinker too but has removed the oink.
    I have had Hope since 8 weeks old as her puppy walker and I am now her boarder and she is now on advance training so is about 2 months behind Teddy.
    Teddy continue the good work.

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