Day 5 – Soggy Doggy Off to Church

Ma vvzzzzd the flappy door open and wanted me to go out. I thought about it. I stuck my nose out there but got dripped on! Yuck! I’m a Retriever! I don’t DO drips! I don’t do wet stuff! I tried to turn around and head back inside chuggyboat home. The doors were shut and locked, and Ma was insistent! Meh! I had no choice, there was only one way to go and that was out. NOT impressed!

Teddy and Ma striding out ahead of Jenna and Pa. Ma is wearing a blue waterproof coat with hood up and hi-viz yellow body straps. Walking along a twitten with grass and hedges either side.

Striding out in front

GDMI arrived and so it was on with my harness and off we went. This was the first time that Pa joined us on a workies, but he stayed behind us all the way. In fact, GDMI stayed behind us too! it was me leading Ma all the way, striding out in front! It felt good! I tried many times to tidy munchies off the pawment as we went along but Ma seems to be getting too quick in ‘reminding’ me not to. We whizzed along getting soggier and soggier, but still having to remember all our manoeuvres at the many kerbs along the way. It was all on very familiar streets, but we went into a building I’ve never been into before. The ‘Find left’ and ‘Up steps’ was very exciting!

Teddy receiving a rub-down using a microfibre cloth, just inside the door of the church


Teddy in a 'sit' after his rubbadub just inside the door of the church. He is sitting looking upwards toward the right hand side of the photo

A bit drier but still soggy doggy

Just inside the door, I had to get rubbadubbed all over with a cloth that Ma pulled out of her pocket. That was quite nice, but i was still soggy. Ma says I am a hairy beast and so I hold a lot of water. She says she is going to get a bigger cloth! GDMI took away my harness and disappeared. Ma looped my lead around my chest and so I kind of guided her that way to ‘Find upstairs….Steady!’ Up those stairs, we found some long hard seats where Ma and Pa sat down and I laid down for a snooze. We were up above the room.

Teddy lying down between pews, using Ma's foot as a pillow

Church is for snoozing – using Ma’s backpaw as a pillow

There was lots of noise coming from below us; Boom booms and twing twangs and plink plonks and hoomans howling. It was Ok though; I just snoozed with my head rested on Ma’s back paw.

After a while of this, we went back downstairs and into a different room. There were loads and loads of hoomans all standing about with little tall bowls of hot slurp. I simply had to sit and be admired! I can do that – no problem!

We then went outside into a little sort of garden place and GDMI arrived with my harness again. So, it was back in workies mode; out the gate and ‘Find left’, a quick whizz up the hill and I found GDMI’s vroomer and stopped. We didn’t get in though! Instead, my girlfriend colleague, Lilly got out (when GDMI told her to – and on lead of course!), then we carried on up the hill and left again. This soon led us to a gap in the wall on the left. ‘Wait’ was the command at this point. I waited, and Ma took off my harness. This could only mean one thing – I could smell mud and fun coming up! Sure enough, we walked through the gap and down a slope and then stopped again. ‘Sit’ ‘Down’ ‘Upsit’ munchie – yummm! Then GDMI gave Ma a little tinkler to clip onto my collar. Oooooh!!! I was so excited! I did a little paddle from front paw to front paw while she hooked her front paw into my collar and unclipped my lead. (This is all normal routine procedure). Then GDMI did a ‘Three …. Two …. One……..’ and both Ma and GDMI together said ‘Go Play’. So Lilly and I zoomed off and enjoyed a good runaround! Yippeeeee!

Teddy and Lilly (both golden retrievers) enjoying a good sniff about on some grass, with railings behind them

Freerun sniffing. Lilly and me checking out the local gossip.

That was only a short route for a freerun and I think Ma was a bit surprised. She said she is sure that track must have shrunk because she thought it was a lot longer! Nemind! At the end, back on harness, we workied a bit more – so more kerbs and turns practice – and then we got back again to GDMI’s vroomer. This time, we did get in and vroomed off to Winfield Park for a bigger and better freerun. We had to go through all the ritual ‘Sit. Down. Upsit….bell on, lead off’ thing again but it was worth it. We had a right good runaround this time and got splendidly mucky!

large expanse of grass with bushes in the background. In the foreground is Lilly, standing sideways on but head facing camera, Teddy is in the background snacking with his nose to the ground, eating bunny buttons

Big freerun space. Lilly facing camera, Teddy enjoying a snack of bunny buttons in the background

Ma and GDMI did a few practices at recall. This is where they blow a tooter with three peeps and we dogs come running for a munchie! The hoomans seem to think it necessary to practice this quite often. I am not complaining though as it does involve munchies! A tasty munchie has to be worth running to get. At one point, I was happily engrossed in cleaning up a delicious pile of tiny black balls. (I often find these dotted about on green-floor-fur. they are irresistible! Ma says they are bunny-buttons) I suddenly realised that the hoomans had disappeared! I found them though. They were playing hide and seek behind some bushes! The greeting made my tail very waggy!

All good things seem to have to end though and we soon had to get back into the vroomer and head back to chuggyboat home. When we arrived and got out of the vroomer I thought I was in for a treat: there was a big and very tempting munchie on the ground. Pa said it was a subway or something. GDMI and Ma between them were really mean though: they turned it into a ‘Leave it’ exercise! I had to guide Ma right past it – like REALLY close to it, but had to ‘leave it….leave it….leave it….straight on’. I tried to grab it on the way but Ma was just too quick with that lead. Then we had to go back and do it again! This time, I didn’t try so hard to nab it, so, once we were past it, I got a munchie from Ma! So then we did it yet again! This time, I didn’t bother at all to try to get it – so I got a huge and happy ‘GOOD BOY!!’ and another munchie.

Grey tarmac carpark with discarded Subway takeaway lying on the ground. Teddy is on harness looking longingly at the potential snack, but having to resist on the 'Leave it' command

Subway temptation in the car park

Once we got all the way back to chuggyboat home, GDMI took away my harness again and left us. Ma was very unappreciative of my perfume and my re-coloured fur, so she launched a major attack on me! She got a big bowl of wet stuff with bubbles in it, and a cloth. She dipped and squidged the cloth and then rubbadubbed me alllllll over – again and again! I was not impressed! She seems satisfied now though, that I smell and look and feel more acceptable. I suppose, now that she has also given me a luverly pampering grooming session, I might manage to forgive her. I shall snooze for a while to give this matter my full consideration.

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