Day 8 – Two ticks and a train

Phew! No more of that blimmin traffic hazards stuff! We’ve conquered that challenge and got a big tick for it. Well, Jenna woofed something about ticking that off anyway – whatever that means. We did a really intensive session of it this morning with the vroomer coming at us from all angles; from the left, from the right, straight across the pawment, from left behind, from right behind, from left in front and right in front. I didn’t so much as twitch from the kerb on any of them! Ma was super pleased with me and so was Jenna. The chest rub and hugs proved it!

I rather enjoyed the freerun after that. I had the pleasure of the company of my girlfriend Lilly for added funtime, and we were joined by a couple of Labradors in the park too. It was great fun. Ma said it uncoiled my springs too. I have no idea what springs these are, but we did have a good bounce about!

After that little burst of funtime, we vroomered off to a different set of streets and set off on a workies. This took us to the choo choo station. In there, I had to guide Ma first of all into one of those jiggling rooms that changes the outside when the doors shut and open again. Except the doors wouldn’t shut, so I had to guide Ma up some steps  instead. I think she was relieved about that, I suspect she is not keen on those jiggling rooms. We did good on the stairs though; I was a good boy and stopped with my front paws on the bottome step of each set so she could get her back paw in line with me before we climbed up.

We got onto the big hard floor area where the choo choos come alongside. I think hoomanwoof for that is ‘platform’. Ma had to remove my harness and lengthen my lead and we waited for a few minutes. Then the choo choo arrived and we had to wait until stopped, then we set off toward it. Ma held on to Jenna’s front leg for guidance and I had to walk behind Ma on my lead. Then, when we got to the choo choo door, I had to sit and wait, while Ma found the side of the door and then felt with her back paw to step up and in, then I followed. We stayed in the doors area because there were lots of hoomans filling the seats, so there was no room for us. I just had a lie down! Never one to waste an opportunity for a power down!

We got off at the next stop and found ourselves in territory very familiar to me: Jenna woofed that it is called Coventree. I didn’t find many trees and I have no idea what a coven is! I like that place anyway. It is always good to go workies in a place that makes a change to routine! I took Ma on a guided tour of the city centre shoppy areas. This involved lots of kerbs and some non-kerbs too. These are tricky to do for us Guide Dogs as the stopping point is not clear, but I didn’t put a paw wrong and we walked it like a pair of pros! I ….errrrr…..may…..have…..errr….tried to chase a couple of flapping toys but it was a minor blip in my concentration. Oops! Soon back on track though.

We went to a big shop called Prime Ark. I knew where that was and I heard Jenna mention it so I zoomed us straight to the door! Ma bought a couple of top half covers in there, so it was a worthwhile and appreciated bit of guiding on my part! Next, we went to another familiar destination; Costacoffee. In there, we found a colleague; a black lab called Falstaff. It is always great to meet a fellow furry assistant. We didn’t get away with much furry funstuff though because Jenna, my Guide Dogs bosshooman was there, and so was Falstaff’s one, Nat. We tried, but we had to behave ourselves. These hoomans have no idea what we are plotting betwen us under the table though! Snigger!

Next came a quick guided tour of the indoor market where I had to exhibit my ‘Sit, Down, Stay’ skills a couple of times. I rather like doing this because, when Ma comes back to me I can roll over for a belly tickle! A worthwhile reward for good obedience!

We then set off back to the station and got the choo choo back again to Rugbee. When it came to getting off there, Ma got a bit scared of doing the step down from the choo choo to the platform. There was a gap and it was quite a big step down. Apparently she doesn’t like stepping down because her lookers don’t tell her how far down is down. I am not allowed to help her with this though, so she simply has to do it.  She made it though and we set off down the stairs and off out to the return workies through the streets to the vroomer.

Vroomer took us back to chuggyboathome, but we workiesded straight past it! We went up the slope through the parky area, to the road, turned left by all the fast noisy vroomers, then left again down the steep slope and along the twitten to Tesco. This time, I had to guide Ma all the way in and around some of the lefts and rights. Then came a bit of ‘Sit. Down. Stay’ before ‘Find the door’ and the return workies to chuggyboathome. This seemed to be a very exciting thing! GDMI was all happy and Ma was even happyerer – if she had a tail it would have been wagging wide and fast! GDMI left Ma with my harness this time instead of taking it away. It seems this was the second big tick! It means we are free to do that trip on our own without her!

Teddy lying half on grey stripey rug and half on beige towel. lying on his right side, semi curled up, with his left paw across his nose

Power Down – snooze break

I was rather glad of a chance for a good snooze after all that hard work and Ma seemed rather keen to put her paws up too. A while later though, I got to actually do that Tesco workies because apparently disaster had struck; this disaster being something called ‘runoutofteabags’. This seems to be a very serious situation that needed my workies to resolve it. Well….Teddy to the rescue! We upped and harnessed up and off we trotted! We did it and I sooooooo very nearly got myself a snack on the way. Ma was a right meanie though; she used her front paws to open my mouth and steal my prize. She said a burger bun is not for a Teddy! How very mean is that! Boo. Boo. Boo!

By the time we came back out of Tesco it was getting to darktime, so Ma really put her trust in me. I didn’t let her down! We made it back safely and she was all chuffed with us!

Now – I have serious work to do because I discovered some of my toys hanging by their delicates and they really don’t smell right at all!

Teddy sniffing his toys, which are hanging on a silver coloured multi peg hanger, He is stretching his head upwards to inspect the atrocities!

My toys don’t smell right

Teddy lying with all this newly laundered toys around him

I got my toys back

So, if you will excuse me, I have some serious sucking to do to get them all right again…..Mmmnnnnfffffmmfffffnnnn

Close up of Teddy's face, looking up with puppydog eyes, with his beige coloured cuddly bone in his mouth

Sucking my cuddly bone back to its rightful smell

Sideways on shot of Teddy's head, looking slightly upwards to the left side of shot, with a bright pink fluffy monster toy in his mourh

Mmmmmnnnnffffff Pink monster




  1. Well done on getting that big tick for solving the #Runoutofteabags situation. This is very serious indeed and must be rectified as soon as possible. My Vivvy really likes flappiytoys too 😉 well done on today.

  2. What a fantastic team your are and extra praise for getting those tea bags… That is indeed a catastrophe for hoomans. Keep up the good work Teddy, your little super star x

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