Day 9 – Shopping, Obedience and Locks

The day started with Ma woofing away for ages on her talkybone. I kept her amused by presenting her with a good range of my toys – all delightfully soggy! I’m sure it helped to get her through the long woofingtime! Finally it stopped though and I got to go take her to Tesco. Just me and Ma! Woohoo! It felt pretty good to be doing that without GDMI at our heels. Ma was a bit slow though – her back leg was ouching, so I kept it ‘Steady’ for her. She did keep up a bit of a non-stop yipping of ‘Straight on. No! (when I tried to sneak in a quick sniff on the way). Get on. On we go. Good boy. Straight on…..’ I didn’t get away with any snaffling or sniffing! Boo! Still, we did it! I did my job and Ma got the froot that she wanted. When we got to the rumbling chilly shelves, she asked me to ‘keep in’ (come to the right) to one particular spot. Then she asked me to ‘Sit’ while she reached out to pick up a pot of yellow something. Then she squinted closer at it and it seems it wan’t what she thought it was, so she asked me to ‘Down. Stay’ and laid my lead down beside me. I stayed like a pro while she squinted all along the shelves until she found what she wanted. Then she came back to me and gave me super loves! I took it all gladly and rolled onto my back for maximum reception!

When we got back to chuggyboathome again, GDMI was sat sitted on the bench outside. I got loves and the hoomans did a load of hoomanwoofing. It seems that Ma’s ouchy back leg was not being helpful, so GDMI went away and left us to rest.

There was a big bright yellow ball in the sky and it was making everything warm, so the front doors of chuggyboat stayed open and I got to sit inside the flappywalled bit at the pointy end. The flappydoor on the wetside was open, but the one of the safeside was vvzzzzd firmly down shut. That meant I couldn’t get outside, but I did get to sit there and watch the world go by. There were lots of hoomans walking along through the parky area, and some of them had doggy company too. I woofed to a few of them, just to say ‘Hi’. On the wetside I spotted some quacking toys floating by. I studied them very carefully. I’m sure they would be super squishy toys to carry about if they would come close enough. Although…..hmmmmm…..they might be wet……I don’t DO wet……I shall contemplate this matter further.

Teddy lying down on grass with Ma standing beside him holding the end of extended lead

Down Stay practice

A bit later, GDMI came back to find Ma and me outside doing some of that stuff they call ‘Obedience practice’. It is where I have Ma on the end of a long lead, and she asks me to ‘Sit. Down. Stay’ then she steps away to the full length of the lead, then I dash to greet her……except I suspect that is not her idea of the way it is supposed to go! She doesn’t seem to appreciate the dash to greet bit, and tells me to ‘Sit. Down’ again! Oh dear! Maybe we need more practice!

Anyway, we went off out in GDMI’s vroomer and did some workies practice around town. GDMI was gentle with Ma and found some not-too-hilly streets to work around. This included a trip into the indoor shoppystreet and into BeeAnEmm. Ma was very naughty though; she disobeyed my attempted instruction to go to the doggytoys shelf! Instead, she insisted on a ‘Straight on’! I mean! How terrible is that? We went all the way to the other end of the shop, then all the way to the other side as well – the widest possible route to avoid MY shelf! I had to do a ‘Sit. Down. Stay’ again while she did a touchyfeely session around some fluffy rugs. Apparently, they are too fluffy to be appropriate with a Teddy around. I’m sure I could have snuggled into it, but I had to be satisfied with a good fuss and bellytickle when she came back to me there on the shop floor.

We workiesded past a favourite park, but, despite my bestest efforts to steer Ma in through each of the four gates, the command at them all was ‘Not today. Straight on’. Boo!

The final bit of today’s training was interesting: We went to a place called Hillmorton Locks. We workiesded along the path by the wetstuffchannel and it took us to a big oblong hole in the ground. I had to ‘Sit’ and watch. I actually just took the opportunity to have a lie down to watch. Well…. can’t waste an opportunity!

Teddy lying down, watching beside a lock, with Ma kneeling behind him

Watching at the lock

Teddy lying down beside a lock beam, peering around Ma who is kneeling down beside him

Watching at the lock 1

There was a chuggyboat by it and a shehooman twirled a bent stick around on a clanker thing on a post and wetstuff got higher and higher in the oblong. Then she pushed on a big huge stick and GDMI helped her. They pushed so hard that it swung around and opened a door for the chuggyboat to go into the full wet oblong. Then she swung the big huge stick back again and trapped the chuggyboat. Next, she twirled the clanker on the other end of the wet oblong. The chuggyboat went down and down as the wetstuff whooshed out. Then, finally, that big huge stick was swung around and half of the big door opened. The same happened on the other side of the oblong and the chuggyboat chugged out, before the big huge sticks were swung back again. All this fascinating observation (apparently a lesson for future reference for me), was delightfully interrupted by the passing by of a fur-buddy; a little scruffy girlypup who really wanted to play, and so did I, but were weren’t allowed! Boo! We did our best though within the restrictions of leads! I gave her my bestest play bow and that got me down to about the same height as her! Maybe one day, we might meet to play properly…..

This was all rounded off with a bit of a workies along something called a Towpath. I didn’t find any toes on it! It was a fairly narrow strip of muddyish path beside the wetstuff channel. It was  good workies. and, when we got to the next wet oblong, we stopped and I had to ‘Sit’ while Ma and GDMI did a load more hoomanwoofing about this workies. It seems this might be a big part of my workies in future…….

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