I’m told I should have only had one more dark-time until beginning to train Ma to let me look after her. However, I have had a message to say that there will likely be a couple of extra dark-times yet before we can begin. This is because the water has gone all hard and has trapped chuggyboat and won’t let it chug along. So I am continuing to practice all my moves here in Rugby with my Guide Dogs TeacherHooman – officially known as Guide Dogs Mobility Instructor (GDMI).

Golden Retriever lying down, with all long legs stretched out, on a grey carpet, in front of white shelves full of books. He is looking straight at camera, wearing his brown Guide Dogs training harness with yellow chest band, and has the orange 'Guide Dog in Training' flash on his lead, which is laid out straight ahead of him, between front legs

Lie down in the LieBree

I had to take her into a place called a liebree. It seemed to be full of rows and rows and rows of block things that have flappy insides. I did do the ‘lie’ bit on the carpet, but I still have no idea what a ‘bree’ is or how to do it.


  1. Well done for doing a lie in the liebree. Just be patient the snow and ice will soon go and when the floatyboat home can move again you will be ready to go

  2. Oh no Teddy, so sorry you are delayed from beginning your adventures … I bet you can’t wait to move onto the boat?

    My guide dog Fizz can teach you a thing or3 about liebrees… she loves them.

  3. The ice will soon go Teddy and you and Ma will be ready to go. Looking forward to hearing all your news x

  4. Hi Teddy, I am sure it won’t be long before you are aboard your chuggy boat. I look forward to watching you adventures in the future. Can you please tell your Ma and Pa that for some reason I cannot see your photos, so have no idea just how handsome you are! I am having the same problem with the AreandAre blog and despite correspondence to and fro we are stumped. I know your Pa is a clever chap when it comes to technical stuff, so I am hoping he has some idea what my problem might be. I guess you and AreandAre are using the same blogging platform? Love to you all and enjoy your life afloat. Jennie, Chris and Monty the Border Collie – we hope our bows will cross with yours one day.

    1. Hi Jenny –

      Had a look at the AreandAre blog and yes, we are both using WordPress, although I can’t think of any reason why you are unable to see the photographs. As an aside, we passed them on our last day of cruising!

      What browser are you using? You may have accidentally changed a setting to block images, although I assume that you are seeing pictures elsewhere on the web? Might just be worth downloading another browser and see it you get the same problem with that. There are several good ones available. Firefox, which is probably the most common, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

      1. Hi Tim, thanks for the reply. I use Chrome and have just tried Firefox and Edge with no luck as far as pictures go. I can see pictures on other blogs and other internet sites. I really have no idea what is going on. With people having problems with blogger and moving to WordPress, I could end up with a very dull blogging world! I use blogger with no issues. Jennie.

  5. Hi Teddy!
    Getting very excited about you moving into floaty boaty home.
    You’ll soon be a real pro aboard the good ship! You’ll have a fab time with Ma and Pa.

  6. Well done Teddy, you’ll soon work out all the funny things us hoomans do. The dark times will go quickly and then the adventure will begin. Bless you.

  7. Not long now! Ma and Pa will be with you, Teddy, very soon.
    Get ready for your new adventures!
    You will have a whale of a time!!
    Well, hopefully no actual whales about!! 🤣
    You don’t see many in the canal waterways!! xx

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