Hooman loves and nomnoms

This morning’s workies took us to Aldi. That in itself is quite exciting, but, before we went into Aldi, we went into a seriously good shop. It smelled utterly delectable and mega exciting! I may have got just a tad ditsy outside the door, but Ma got me to ‘Sit’ for a moment to regather my senses. I just about managed it!…..but oooh those smells…..they were sooooo dragging me inside!

Ma with Teddy outside a butcher's shop. Teddy is in a sit postion, in harness, looking longingly inside at the door

Sit to regain decorum outside the butcher shop

from L to R - Ma wearing blue fleece jacket, khaki trousers and high viz yellow rucksack. Teddy in a sit looking toward the R of the pic, and Stuart the butcher in his white hat, white coat and dark blue apron

Posing for a pawtrait with Stuart the butcher

Inside though, was a real tease; there was a huge array of jowl-drenching things – all apparetnly hooman-nosh, not Teddy-nosh! How mean! Things called sossiges, bake-on, stakes, chops, chikkin, pawk…….. NONE of it even properly sniffable – it was all behind windows! Boohoohoo! There was a very nice he-hooman there though. His name is Stuart. I liked him; he came around to our side of the windows and gave me loves – and he gave me something I can have! Pa didn’t let me carry it home though. He packed it away in his harnessbag.

Teddy getting a chin rub from the checkout lady in Alid

Loves at Aldi Checkout

I got some loves in Aldi too – the shehooman who does the bleeping at the checkout recognised me and stopped bleeping to love me!

We then workiesded back to chuggyboathome where the contents of that harnessbag got imprisoned in the white buzzing cupboard. I just had to have a lie down!

Teddy sitting posing between Jen and Bob Reeves in the indoor shopping arcade

Hooman chuggyboaters Jen and Bob Reeves

After Ma and Pa had noshed their lunch, I then got to take Ma out again; this time without Pa. I took her on a bit of a workies to the bus stop, then we had a ride on the bus into town. We got off a little way before town and workiesded the rest of the way. We went into the indoor shoppystreet where Ma said ‘Let’s go find Specsavers’. I set off in the right direction but then Ma thought we had gone past and stopped me, turned me around and we went back again. Then she realised I was right and that we were at the other end of the indoor shoppystreet! Duh! Daft hooman! She then let me lead the way and we headed off in the right direction once again. On the way, I heard my name. A hoomanwoof said ‘Is that Teddy?’. Well of course it was Teddy – the one and only! More loves! No complaints from me! It was only a brief stop while the hoomans did a bit of woofing and then I had to pose for a pawtrait with Bob and Jen Reeves. Apparently they are chuggyboat hoomans too.

I took Ma straight into Specsavers (well… once she had convinced me that we really didn’t want ot go into BeeAnEm today!) and I got another chance for a powernap, while the shehooman did some twiddling with Ma’s new lookercovers. Then we set off to outside and across the munchie-dispensing bleepycrossing! I do so love to ‘find the box’ at these crossings! We went a little way around the pawment and Ma asked me to ‘Find the door left’. This was one of those shops that has nothing but hoomancovers in it. Ma got some new hoomancovers in there and that seemed to make her smiley so that made it all good!

We then got on the bus to return home. This bus was quite crowded and there was a nice shehooman who wheeled on in one of those wheelie-whirrey-seats. She and I sat and looked at each other for a while from across the bus. Then she asked Ma if she could say hello to me. Ma said yes and let me stretch across to get loves! As it was crowded on there, I tried my bestest to powernap but, everytime the bus stopped and the doors opened, Ma asked me to ‘Upsit’. She said my legs are too long to sprawl out on a crowded bus! She was worried that i might get trodded on! She did give me some lovely chest-rubs everytime I did the upsit thing. I think it was worth the effort!

When we got home, I finally got to find out what Stuart had given me! Nomnomnom…..a bone! Thank you Stuart! I waggywuv you! Now THAT  was worth staying awake to chomp on!

Teddy taking a small marrowbone from Ma's hands. He is sitting nicely and taking the treat very gently

Getting my bone

Teddy on grey rug beginning to munch on his marrowbone

Tucking in to the bone

Teddy lying down on grey rug with his bone beside him. His tongue is sticking out the side of his mouth as he licks up a trace of his treat

Making sure not a single atom goes to waste


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