In the beginning…

In the beginning of life as a qualified partnership……Day One…..Yuck!!

Teddy lying on fluffy grey rug with his ear inside out and his right front paw across his nose

Cute snoozer

The Yuck was outside! So, for most of the day, we stayed inside! Inside was most definitely not yuck! It was all cozy snoozy!

We did eventually venture out. It was a bit fuffety and a bit damp, but we survived the workies to the big shop called The Range. Ma and Pa insisted on visiting some boring shelves before they allowed me to take them to the important section. It was good to check up on the stocks but we came out empty pawed!

The next stop was a big huge enormous building where the ‘Find the checkout’ smelled delicious and had some funny little nobblybobbly things scattered on the floor. Ma ‘persuaded’ me to ‘Leave’ them all! She got me to ‘Sit. Stay’ at the counter – she yipped something about bum down means head up. Boo! We then set off through some big doors and down a step, where I stopped to warn Ma it was there. Then along a longroom to another big door. Inside there it was all darktime, so I had to take special care of Ma. I had to take her to the top of a lot of upsteps and then to a seat. Then off came my harness, off came Ma and Pa’s outercovers and they sat down. I settled down too on the carpet in front of them. I had a fabulous view from there! After a few minutes, the big wall at the front lit up and all sorts of hoomans and strange creatures appeared on it. There was noise of hoomanwoofings and that moozik stuff filling the huge room too. I watched it all very carefully. Sometimes the noises came from behind and beside us but I couldn’t see any hoomans there to have made those noises! I looked very carefully…..

Teddy lying on red carpet beside Ma who is sat in a seat at the back of the cinema, right at the top of the steps

Snooze with a view

Teddy sat upright on the steps at the top of the cinema, watching the big screen

Watching the big wall

After a long time of that, I guided Ma back down all the steps again and found us the way out. We then went back to The Range and Pa bought some things this time. Then Pa left us and took those things with him. I had to guide Ma back to chuggyboathome via the long way round. It was darktime so, once again, I had to put my bestest working paws into action. I rather enjoyed the rubbadub with a towel when we got home!

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