Past, Present and Future

WOOOWWWWWEEEEEE! What a fabbydabbydoozy day!

It all started with a good session of munching on my bone! That was a good start, but it just got better! Aunty Lindsay arrived, so I got some luvverly ear rubs, but then we all set off out – and I didn’t get harnessed up! Ma just held onto the daft end of my lead and Pa held her other paw. We went jsut the short way up the pawth, then over the bridge and down onto the towpawth, then up and over the little bridge over the canal, and into the woods! Yippee! I knew where this route was leading! I led the way and Ma kind of slippied and slidied along behind me. I had no problem at all on that slippymud, but silly wobbly 2paws struggled with it! We made it though – to the pooch paradise place called Swift Valley Nature Reserve.

Teddy, Oakley and Dixon sitting on grass with Ma, Malcolm and Brenda respectively standing with them

Getting ready to ‘Go Play’

That destination in itself was rather wonderful but it just got betterer! Two more doggypals arrived with their hoomans on the daft ends of their leads. Two black labradors. One of them was my predecessor – Oakley, the other was his doggydaddy Dixon. The hoomans on the other ends of their leads were Brenda and Malcom (Oakley is now in charge of them since I’ve taken charge of Ma). Once the compulsory obedience routine was done with, we three dogs got the ‘Go Play’ command. We most certainly did go play. The hoomans, of course, did endless woofing among themselves but we three just got on with the very serious business of running and rolling and romping and chasing and rolling and just having the time of our lives in all that big open space!

Teddy lying on grass with Oakley and Dixon one on each side of him. Oakley is in a playbow and Dixon is sniffing

The threesome at play 1

Teddy is midstride in a run, with Oakley in mid air at his side, ears flapping. Dixon is mid-bound behind them

Oakley can fly!

Teddy lying on his back, all 4 paws in the air, mouth open with Oakley standing above him with one front paw in the air

Showing Oakley my better side

Oakley is lying on his back, with his hind legs akimbo. Teddy looks like he is biting Oakley's doodah. Oakley's mouth is wide open as if howling. Of course, this was not what was actually happening. They were just having superb doggystyle fun

Dont’ bite me there!

Teddy standing on grass squinting into sunshine. His legs are totally coated in dark mud

Two-Tone Teddy

I did my bestest to try to blend in with the two black boys – I got myself a set of black socks from the mud and a fairly well darkened belly and chest. Oakley was really strange – he went plunging all the way into the wetsploshystuff! Shudders! What a weird thing for a dog to do! For a start, it’s wet and for a second, it washed off all his mudpack! Oh no no no…that idea is not for me!

After that, we squelched and slipped and slidded back to near chuggyboathome, but we didn’t go aboard. Instead we got into Aunty Lindsay’s vroomer. Another nice shehooman joined us too; Susan, who was waiting for us when we got there. It was a bit of a squish in Aunty Lindsay’s tiny vroomer but we managed it. I got to ride in the front between Ma’s backpaws. We only went a little way but it was a worthwhile trip; we arrived at the hooman-noshery we went to a few days ago. The one with Norman the border collie on welcoming duty.

Inside there I found the bestest surprise: my PuppyMa and Pa, Irene and Pat. They were my Ma and Pa when I was diddy (yes! I WAS diddy once!). They taught me all my life-lessons and early obedience and good manners. It was SOOOOO waggywonderful to see them again! They had a new pupster with them; a little black lab x retriever with my name! Teddy 2. So we were big Teddy and little Teddy!

L to R hoomans - Ma, PuppyPa Pat and PuppyPa Irene. with Big Teddy (golden retrieever) and Little Teddy (black lab x retriever)

Teddy and TEddy

Dixon (L) and Oakley (R) lying on wooden floor under table in cafe

Oakley and Dixon under the table

The hoomans all did oodles more woofing and munching and slurping while we dogs did what any good Guide Dog (past, present or future) does – we lay under the table and snoozed (well…..after all that romping around…..). At least we snoozed for most of the time…..our zzzzs were interrupted when a couple of clucking flappytoys came strutting in! It would have been great fun to play with those toys but we all had to stay lying down and just watch them.

L to R Hoomans - Irene, Ma and Brenda with dogs Little Teddy, Big Teddy, Oakley and Dixon all sitting on wooden decking outside Cafe

4 Guide Dogs past present and future

L to R Oakley (sitting looking to his left) Dixon (standing forward looking intently at camera) & Teddy (sitting looking to his left) all in the boot of a red hatchback car

Three in a boot

We all finished off the fun with a pose for piccyclicks outside before saying goodbyes to PuppyMa and Pa. I tried to get myself invited to go with them but Ma persuaded me to stay with her. I got to ride in the back of a vroomer with Oakley and Dixon back to chuggyboathome, where we said tattybyes to them and they vroomed away.

Teddy lying on rug with Ma kneeling beside him trying to scrub mud off his front leg using doggywipes

Attempted clean up



Back home, Ma attacked me with some flappy damp squares. She seemed to be trying to restore me to Goldie colour, but it was going to take a LOT of those squares! She gave up after a feeble attack on my front legs. Pa disappeared off out and came back with a fur-fluffer thing. By then, my mudpack was dry and had just about mustered enough energy to munch my dinner. Ma attacked me all over using this new fur-fluffer thing and it seems to have got me back to looking like a Goldie again.

Now, I do seem to be having big difficulties with keeping my lookers open, so I will leave you with a little video of a bit of today’s super funtime.

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