Pops, Puddles and Plans

Church was fun today. Not only did I get to snooze using Ma’s backpaw as a pillow, but at the end, there was a whole load of poppings going on. It was all very exciting. The hehooman at the front was woofing about selly bray shuns or something, I got showered with coloured thin string things. I did try them to check out if they might be tasty but Ma seemed to think that was not a good idea. She said she didn’t want me pooping rainbows!

Ma wearing blue coat and hi viz yellow backpack striding down the pavement with Teddy guiding her. The road is on their RHS and grass in on their LHS. The shot is taken from a little way behind them

Workies on the pawment

Teddy in harness sitting at a kerb with Ma positioned ready to cross the road. Ma is listening for oncoming traffic before giving the 'Forward' command

Kerb work

The workies back to chuggyboathome was a bit blustery but the drippyskies had stopped so that was a big improvement. I really don’t like drippyskies! Pa walked behind us most of the way so that Ma and I could concentrate on our practice together. We didn’t know it but he was watching us through his tellingbone eye. The video shows how I guided Ma around some rough bits of pawment and some puddles that she didn’t even realise until she watched the film.

Pete and Chrissie standing by low white railing fence, iwth Ma standing beside Teddy with his harness over her shoulder. Teddy is sitting gazing across the park area

Meeting and greeting Hoomanfriends Pete & Chrissie

When we got back to where chuggyboathome is, we found our hoomanfriends Pete and Chrissie getting out of their vroomer. We meeted and greeted and then they came aboard chuggyboathome with us – and Max and Tizzy came too! Three woofers took up a lot of floor, but it was super nice to have company and ear-licks to share! After they left, I got to put in a bit of time and effort on my bone. I do rather like my bone! That did seem to lead me onto a bit of heavy eyelids time though.

Teddy lying sprawled full spread on fluffy grey rug

Sleepy Teddy

Just before darktime set in, I took Ma out for another workies. This time it was just a pleasure trip. Around the block on the route that takes us all through the twittens and the tunnel, with not a lot of vroomerway to deal with. It did involve a munchie-dispensing bleepycrossing though; a bit of vroomerway work that is tasty to do! Ma was super pleased and impressed with me for taking her around all the puddles; sometimes this involved going onto the greenfloorfur to get around some very long deep puddles, but, as soon as we were past each one, I steered her back onto the path again. She didn’t ask me to do this but I did rather appreciate the ‘Good boy’, ‘Clever boy’, ‘Good work’ praises I got for it! Ma yipped that she thinks we are going to make a great team as we learn more and more to work together. Well Duh! I could have told her that if she could speak woof!

Plans….Oh yes… I need to tell you about the way this dogblog is going to be from now on:

As we are now qualified and therefore finished with the intensive training of the last five weeks, I shall cut down on the number of tiptap sessions I do. Instead of doing a daily post, I will do one longer weekly one. This will be scheduled for posting each Sunday at midday and will be a bit of an overview of the week’s work and fun. If anything significant happens in between Sundays then I will post an extra report as and when appropriate. This will be in a similar format to this and the last 5 weeks entries, telling you all about our adventures.

Ma and Pa also plan to begin to create a separate blog covering all sorts of stuff about Guide Dogs. This will include educational stuff about dos and don’ts, myths and truths, questions and answers about any and all aspects of life with sight loss and a Guide Dog. This will be largely video based with audio description and captions. More details will be announced as and when this begins to come together.

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