Rather more sedate this week

Teddy working in harness guiding Mummy along a pavement with grass beside it. Mummy is wearing a mid blue open fleece jacket and rainbow striped jumper and black trousers. Beside her is Debbi - tall and slim wearing pale jeans and grey cardigan wrapped around her

Workies guiding Mummy with Debbi

Sunday started with a bedroom buddy again! Debbi arrived in the middle of darktime and stayed to share my bedroom! Yippee! Then, when Mummy and Daddy got out of bed, I took them to church where we met some of their hoomanpals, including Aunty Lindsay and Uncle Tim. I likes them! They gives good fusses. We all went out on a workies to find a hooman noshery. That meant a lie-down for me, of course, while they all munched, then, after saying tattybyes to Tim & Lindsay, we set off on another workies to find Debbi’s vroomer. It had a long tail stuck up it’s nose, with the other end attached to a post. She pulled its tail out and got in, then kind of whiiiirrrred away – no vrooming!). I guided Mummy and Daddy back home again. (Well… I guided Mummy and Daddy tagged along!).

Mummy sitting on the floor of the train in the wheelchair bay with Teddy sitting in front of her. Above is a sign proclaiming "All the comforts of home..."

“All the comforts of home…” First Class train travel!

Monday was a big adventure: We went on a workies to a trainkennel, then rode on a train to another trainkennel, then another……Three different trains and a lot of guiding Mummy around the trainkennels in between. On the middle train ride, a hehooman took us to a door onto the train and told us sit in there. Mummy says it was the posh carriage. It had a space with no seats at the end, which is where Mr Trainkennelman told us to sit. I rather liked it because Mummy sitted on the floor with me! There was no seat for her to sit on! Daddy kind of perched on the edge of a seat opposite, but apparently he couldn’t really sit there because he hadn’t paid big pennies for Furs Class. It was a bit of a squish on the floor with Mummy because there was a wheeliecase that kept trying to lie down on me, so Daddy moved it on top of the folded-up hoomanpuppy-wheelieseat that was in the space too.

When we arrived at the final trainkennel, we then got into a vroomer, with a nice hehooman twirling the roundstick. Daddy sitted in the back so I could ride in the front between Mummy’s backpaws. We went to a big building where Mummy and Daddy did oooodles of hoomanwoofing with another pair of hoomans. Then we enjoyed a pleasant workies on a vroomerway-with-no-pawments, that led us to a different trainkennel. Then it was another three train rides back home again. On the last one, we only just squeezed on and had to stay in the doors bit, where Mummy and Daddy stooded up all the way. I managed to wiggle my way to find enough space to lie down for some of the way though, and, when I sitted up, I just happened to be at the right place for some lovely fusses from the hoomans all squashed around me! It is great that my head is at hooman-front-paw height! Heehee!

On Tuesday, we chugged along on chuggyboathome and got soggy! The sky dripped all over us! Boohoo! I helped Mummy to work the three locks though. More practice. It seems that they are all a bit different so we have to work slightly differently, but we are getting the hang of it between us.

The rest of the week has been largely sedate. We moored in a place that Mummy says is called Dudley (sounds like a doggy name to me!) and we have been exploring the streets and shoppyplaces, with some quite long workieses. It is all good practice and a good challenge for me to guide Mummy in new places. I do stop a few times to begin with, just to try to suss out where I am and where we are going, but Mummy tells me lots of ‘Good boy. Straight on’ and we are learning well together.

On Wednesday, after a shopping trip to Aldi, I got to enjoy a lovely freerun. It was in a big field with white posts in it and the greenfloorfur was all loose and fluffy on top. It made me go a bit ditsy! I just had to zoom around and do buckies and that made Mummy and Daddy hahahaha! That green fluff just has to be rolled in too – extatic rollings – it just feels sooooo good! I also found a delectable spot of perfume to apply – roll on perfume! Perfect canine cologne – except hoomans don’t seem to appreciate its delights! Mummy attacked me with damp square flappy things – all over my newly aromatic places! Grumph!

Teddy lying on his side on grass while Mummy tries to clean him up using wet wipes

Freerun de-ponging session

Teddy lying on his back on grass, legs akimbo, being cleaned up with wet wipes

Wipes – everywhere! Yes Mum – there too!

On Thursday, I had to go workies under a seriously drippy sky! I was not a happy boy! I don’t like getting drippy. I ruins my fur! Mummy seemed quite pleased about it  though – she woofed something about rinsing away the pong! I need to call my union! I worked very hard at achieving my new perfume on my freerun! Grumph! Anyway – I did my duty and guided Mummy (Daddy was walking behind us and doing his satnav duty) to a little shop place.

Teddy lying semi-curled up on a big beige towel


Inside, Daddy loved me with a big fluffy towel while Mummy got guided away by a shehooman, to a room at the back. I had to stay and lie down on my towel where I got to enjoy lots of loves and fusses and admirations from the shehooman at the desk. Apparently Mummy was having her backpaws sorted out by a chirpidopodist or something. She was all smiley when she came out anyway so that made my tail wag!

from left to right - Mummy standing, Teddy sitting, Chiropodist lady standing stroking Teddy's head. All on wooden floor with desk beside

Smiley Mummy with Teddy and the Chirpidopodist

On the way home again, the drippy sky seemed to have fixed its leak a bit, so it was better. We were doing really well and Mummy was telling me lots and lots of ‘Good boy’, ‘Good work’, ‘Yesss. Good lad’. praises. I knew which way I needed to go and I was doing good. Then, all of a sudden, Mummy went splat! She apparently got her backpaws tangled in a carrierbag that was on the pawment and she did a very sudden liedown flat on her belly! When she got up she was dripping redjuice from her muzzle – and she dripped it on me! When we got home (not much further), I kept a VERY close watch on her. She went into that nasty room where wetstuff happens. I was brave; I went with her! She was using little soft white disks to stroke her muzzle with wetstuff. Daddy was helping too. Eventually the redjuice stopped and Mummy went to the sofa. I stayed pressed close to her on the floor beside her! I wasn’t going to leave her alone after all that!

Daddy wearing blue fleece jacket and black trousers, standing on brick-surfaced towpath with wide expanse of grass to the RHS of picture. Teddy is in a sit beside him gazing off across the grass

Me and Daddy on the pawpath

She seems OK now but has a funny fat muzzle with red bits on it. She seems to be a bit ouchy too. On Friday, I had to take Daddy out for a walkies while Mummy stayed at home to rest. I thought that maybe this would be a chance to get away wtih some good sniffings that I am not allowed to do when I am working on harness, but Daddy was just as strict as Mummy! Grumph! Oh well….it was a great walkies anyway.

A bit later on, Mummy was feeling a bit better and so we set off out all together. We went to a place called Tipton Christian Church where we met lots of hoomanpuppies. Mummy did some woofing to them and I got lots of loves and fusses. It was a great time! I even got my dinner there – a picnic! Apparently I am likely to get to do more of this sort of thing sometimes as we travel around on chuggyboat, sometimes with hoomanpuppies and sometimes with growed up hoomans. Yayyyy! I can get used to it! It was a good workies followed by some loves and fusses and some snoozing! What’s not to like?

Mummy standing on blue carpet with Teddy lying at her feet, with Pastor Steve and Pastor Helen standing either side

Mummy woofing to the hoomanpuppies

Teddy lying on blue carpet with Mummy kneeling behind him. They are surrounded by children all kneeling on the floor with a J4K banner behind them

Posing with oodles of hoomanpuppies

Yesterday was peculiar! We went workies first, then we went to a hooman noshery where we met lots and lots of other hoomans. It seems they are all friends of Mummy and Daddy, and most of them are chuggyboathoomans. I had a little lie down out of the way for a while as they were all doing sooooooo much of that hoomanyipping stuff. Then we all went outside and got onto a big rumblyvroomer. It was a bit like a bus but with posh seats and a narrow gap between them. It took us on a little ride that ended at a wonderful place – all green and spacious and ….and….and….yippppeeeee! Freerun! Only a little one but a great chance for a bit of zoomies!

All the hoomans were walking down the hill and I went with them and found a big chuggyboat with no lid. They were all getting on it! Mummy and I waited until the very last and then we got on too. Mummy sitted on a seat and I got to lie down on a kind of upfloor bit between the steps where we got on. The hoomans were all wearing yellow bowls on their heads, and there was a hehooman at the back who was yipping, but his yipsound was coming out of a box near Mummy’s head. This chuggyboat didn’t chug – it kind of whirred quietly and we drifted off into a huge megalong dark tube. We were in there for a long time whirring along and sometimes getting dripped on! Huuuhhh! Eventually, we whirred into a huge space called a cave and then into a brightlight bit where the cave had no lid. After all of that, we emerged back again at where we had started, where we all got off the whirryboat and went inside to the hoomannoshery place again. (Via the greenfloorfur area outside first!) It was warmer in there for snoozing while they all yipped and noshed!

Close up shot of Teddy sitting on grass with a yellow hardhat on his head

Teddy Hardhat

Teddy lying looking rather regal on a red-painted raised floor with red steps beside him, with white painted edges. He has his front paws draped slightly over the side of the platform

King Teddy on his raised royal red platform aboard the trip boat

Teddy in a sit, in harness, with Mummy standing beside him. Behind them is the open-topped green narrowboat from which they have just disembarked. Most of the rest of the passengers on the tripboat are still aboard, but have removed their hardhats ready to disembark

Just got off the whirryboat with no lid

Just a short workies from there, once all the tattybyes had been done and everyone else had disappeared, got us back to our chuggyboathome. As soon as we got aboard though, Daddy untied its leads and chugged us backwards. We now have a new garden. I like this one – it has quick and easy access to a freerun! This freerun had tiny buddies in it too! Two tiny yappies came to greet me and we had a bit of a play, but then their hehooman came along and put two teenyweeny pupsters down on the ground too! They were too tiny to play but I gave them my bestest loves and sniffs! Apparently they were all chihuahuas. The pupsters were only as big as one of my paws each! I was super careful gentle with them.

Teddy gently greeting two tiny 7 week old chihuahua puppies, one is black, the other is mid-brown flecked. They are all standing on tarmac surface

Teenyweeny pupsters

This Week’s InfoSlot

Manners Matter

We Guide Dogs are taught right from diddy puppyhood to be what hoomans call polite. We are trained that it is polite not to get on hooman seats or beds (even though they are called FURniture!). We  learn that is is not good to beg for food; in fact, we only eat from our own bowl when our hoomans blow a toot-toot-toot. Jumping up at people is definitely not a smile-raiser. Lots of barking is a no-no too. There is a rule for our hoomans too; They have to groom us every day and keep us all smart.

If we did jump up onto sofas or beds then we might not be welcomed into some hooman places like homes, pubs, restaurants or hotels.

If we got used to getting munchies from hooman tables then we might start drooling and pestering when hoomans are noshing. Apparently, doggie mouthdrips on the floor are considered not nice. This is just one of the reasons that we must not get given hooman food. This would make us unnacceptable in restaurants and so we might start getting turned away. That would mean that we wouldn’t be able to guide our hoomans to the places they want to go.

Similarly, if we were shedding loads of our beautiful fibres of love (fur) everywhere, then we would be less welcomed in many places. This is why our hoomans have to groom us every day and keep us all smart and sleek. We all get used to this from very young and really rather enjoy it. It is also a good way for our hoomans to check us over every day for any reasons to go to the vet.

If we bark too much then we could be a nuisance to neighbours because apparently some hoomans don’t appreciate dogspeak.

Equally, most hoomans don’t like doggie greetings that involve front paws up high where they are not wanted. It seems that a big dog like me might knock over a hooman and that wouldn’t be nice to do.

The toot-toot-toot thing before meals is linked to recall when we have a freerun. When our dinner bowl is loaded and put on the floor for us, we have to do a good ‘sit’ and then wait until the toot-toot-toot before we are allowed to tuck in. When we are ickle pupsters this is hard, but we soon learn that it worth waiting. Apparently it is good manners, but it also means that we know the sound of the tooter and it means munchies! So, when we are zooming around a park or woods, for example, and we hear that familiar whistle, we know it is worth coming zooming back to our hoomans to get a treat. When our hoomans can’t see us across the park, they need to know that we will come back to them when necessary.

So all these rules are good really. They help to make us the super good dogs that we are. It all helps to make us acceptable to go into all the places that pet pooches aren’t allowed. If we can’t go into all those places, then our hooman charges can’t go either.

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